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The last year has proven the resilience of humans and how brainstorming around the big, tough challenges can result in great progress. How is this evident in business and how we get our teams to think boldly? https://bit.ly/3sFOI64

There are many lessons to learn when adapting due to crisis. Plans change and perspectives are tested. As we reflect on last year, here are 3 of our key takeaways around planning and the events of 2020. http://bit.ly/3rbXIiq #MSP #Planning #BusinessOwner #WFH

Inflection Point

Inflection Point By Russ Levanway, President Throughout the course of a human life, our brains are constantly changing. This neuroplasticity is very good news for anyone hoping to take up Read More --->

Employee Spotlight- Keeth “CrowHawk” Hershman

NAME Keeth “CrowHawk” Hershman Crow, which later evolved to CrowHawk, was a name given to me while I was focusing on healing, introspection, and re-connecting in a spiritual way.   Read More --->

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