IT Support has been a core focus of our IT Management solution since day 1. The concept that customers get support from local employees who know their environment and get them back to working quickly is not hard to grasp. However, creating a scalable system around this challenge…for us and our competitors. Like any other business function, it takes effort, energy and commitment. It also takes an element of humility as the moment you think you perfected the recipe is moment you stopped asking your customers for the right feedback.

Customer Centric IT Support in San Luis Obispo or really anywhere is a mindset rather than a specific destination. If you think about it, nothing in the equation stays the same, technology changes over time, employees change(moving up the company hopefully), new customers get added into the ecosystem and expectations from people in general change. This makes IT Support  very dynamic and nothing in  your operations can ever be considered a finished product.

World class IT Support starts with having the right culture that at its core believes the customer experience should meet certain criteria. This can foster a collective sense of pride in success and the desire for improvement with failure. If you can rally around the customer experience that you want your customers to have when they use your services, then you have provided the emotional fuel for the operational systems and adjustments you will inevitably make along the way.

Training your team on being able to recognize that criticism from customers is a path towards improvement is equally important. It is very easy to take this personally, both as a front line worker and also as a manager. The job of the executives is(or should be IMO) to keep everything excited to learn from the feedback and not taking anyone thing personally. If the staff know that their jobs are safe and the executive team recognizes feedback as room from improvement and not labeling or judgement on an individual the support team will be much more pliability it their ability to adapt to the feedback.

Being able to self prioritize tickets via creation of customer empathy is really improvement. Sometimes prioritization though explicit categorization (P1,P2,P3) can overshadow the need for a team to develop prioritization via putting themselves in the customers shoes. This is because categorization tends to focus on that incident against a larger framework, i.e. domain of all client and all potential tickets. Although important in aggregate it does nothing to help a individual make a judgement on that specific customer ticket/request/incident. When the support staff has both a bigger picture framework to prioritize work again as well as individual framework for how that customer is feeling then he/she can be empowered to make the customer centric judgement for that ticket. This is what leaves the customer feeling like they got a hold of someone who can take care of the issue.

We have many more philosophies and operational constructs that we put in place to provide San Luis Obipso customers with the best IT support possible. If you want to discuss further please reach out to us and we can schedule a meeting at your office or ours.