5 Reasons Why it is Easy to Do Business with CIO Solutions
By: Hannah Rich, Professional Service Coordinator
It has never been easier to do business with CIO Solutions. From the end-user to the CFO we have made it our top priority to make doing business with CIO as enjoyable and cost-effective as possible. Many of these improvements have been implemented in direct response to customer requests.
Some of the things that CIO has done to improve their service offerings include: adding our Central Support department, allowing service requests to be submitted via email, providing customers online access to account information, creating a dedicated department for customer service, and establishing the most competent and professional engineering team in the Tri County Area.
1) When a client calls Central Support, they will be immediately connected to an Engineer and their problem will be resolved (95% get resolved in 30 min or less). We pride ourselves on providing support with friendly, knowledgeable, and capable agents. By creating the Central Support department we have been able to give our customers immediate access to a qualified engineer and solve most problems in a fraction of the time as an onsite visit. Call and experience the world class service of our Central Support team at 805-692-6709 .
2) When we restructured our service department we tried to think of the most convenient and flexible ways for our clients to request support. In addition to a phone call we also have developed a system that allows clients to create service requests via email. This allows our clients to quickly send assistance requests and be sure that the request won’t slip through the cracks or go unnoticed. responded to in a timely matter. To submit a service request to our Central Support department click here.
3) Another way that CIO is making it easy to do business is the release of their Customer Portal. The Customer Portal allows clients to log in and securely access all their account information online. They can check on updates, send status updates, and even submit tickets through the Portal. The Customer Portal is a great way for clients to be intimately involved with CIO on their own time.
4) While almost every company states that customer service is a top priority for success, CIO understands that in this industry, and community, keeping customers satisfied and therefore loyal is the only way to succeed. Based on this commitment to excellent customer service CIO has a dedicated customer service team. This team consists of individuals who are intimately involved with all aspects of the company and therefore are able to assist clients on a variety of issues. We want our clients to know that they can call with any suggestion, any piece of feedback, and any complaint, whatever the issue we are here to assist and resolve.
5) Lastly, it is easy to do business with CIO Solutions because of the amazing engineering team we have developed over the years. Our engineers operate as a team. We have developed communication venues in which the engineers constantly update their peers on projects, issues and other relevant information. The engineering team is characterized by flexibility; this flexibility ensures that clients will always be taken care of, no matter what.
Thank you for all who have contributed to the new and improved CIO Solutions. We look forward to doing business with you!
Visit our website today to check out the new face of CIO Solutions at www.ciosolutions.com or call our office to schedule an introductory meeting 805-692-6700 .