Meet our team of visionaries, strategists, and problem solvers

Producing the reliable services our clients need to work effectively takes a passionate group of ever-curious technical experts and the organization of experienced leaders. 

Meet the teams of CIO Solutions!


Leadership Team

Ensuring intelligent service delivery design, ongoing innovation, and resilient business operations.

This is done in part through membership in national MSP peer groups, global vendor partnerships, and long-standing relationships with local business partners in related industries.

They combine years of experience with a pragmatic approach to management (implementing the EOS Model®), strong technical backgrounds, a values-driven mentality, and a passionate focus on customer service.

Headshot of Eric Egolf, Chief Executive Officer

Eric Egolf

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Hannah Sanchez, Chief Operations Officer

Hannah Sanchez

Chief Operations Officer


Headshot of Ginette Alfaro, Director of Operations Costa Rica

Ginette Alfaro

Director of Operations Costa Rica

Headshot of Sean Gill, Director of Client Strategy

Sean Gill

Director of Client Strategy

Headshot of Josh Farlow, Director of Cloud Services

Josh Farlow

Director of Cloud Services

Headshot of Christina Gornick, Director Datacenter Operations and Project Manager

Christina Gornick

Director Datacenter Operations and Project Manager

Headshot of Eric Engmyr, Director of Sales and Marketing

Eric Engmyr

Director of Sales and Marketing

Headshot of Kristeen Paraguas, Director of Service and Human Resources

Kristeen Paraguas

Director of Service and HR

Headshot of Mike Shinn, Support Manager

Mike Shinn

Support Manager

Headshot of Elianna Dzubur, Director of Finance

Elianna Dzubur

Director of Finance


Strategy Team

Helping our clients plan for their here & now while keeping in mind the big picture and “what if’s”.

This team uses their impressive technical knowledge and strategic planning methods to understand our clients’ workflows, map out current technology solutions, and identify a plan to meet their goals.

They work closely with our Support and Project teams to ensure clients’ solutions are operating according to their strategic plan.

Headshot of Arun Shivaprasad, vCIO

Arun Shivaprasad


Headshot placeholder image

Derrick Herdewel


Headshot of Jeff Franklin, vCIO

Jeff Franklin


Headshot of Joseph King, vCIO

Joseph King


Headshot of Peter Summers, vCIO

Peter Summers



Support & Project Teams

Over 50 dedicated technical specialists work to support and further our clients’ operations every day.

Our Support and Project teams are made up of a deep bench of friendly, collaborative technical experts.

Our technicians are specialists in their respective areas. Dedicated teams for Projects, Support, Solutions Architecture, and more means that the right resources are always available and ready to help.

Group photo of CIO Solutions San Luis Obispo technical team standing outside of officeSan Luis Obispo Technical Team

Group photo of CIO Solutions Santa Barbara technical team standing outside of officeSanta Barbara Technical Team

Group photo of CIO Solutions Fresno technical team standing in front of a gray wallFresno Technical Team

Group photo of CIO Solutions Costa Rica technical team posing outsideCosta Rica Technical Team


Business Development Team

Making it easy for businesses to determine their best IT management options.

They get to know potential clients, identify their pain points when it comes to IT, and determine how CIO Solutions can solve them.

Is the biggest priority reducing downtime? Does an internal IT team need a partner for supporting end users? Our team is here to identify your key IT needs and help you visualize your options.

Headshot of Jeff Bower, Senior Sales Executive

Jeff Bower

Senior Sales Executive

Headshot of Jamie Shearn, Marketing Coordinator

Jamie Shearn

Marketing Coordinator


Administrative Team

Keeping our offices and operations running smoothly. 

We have a talented group of specialists handling our payments & billing, human resources, and office administration.

This team of passionate individuals ensures that our teams are taken care of, our offices run like well-oiled machines, and all the administrative duties necessary to caring for our clients are attended to.

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