Introducing Allworx:
A New VoIP Phone System for Small to Medium Sized Business
CIO Solutions is proud to announce that they have recently started carrying a second VoIP (telephone over computer network) phone solution. CIO decided to partner with Allworx because of the value their product provided. Allworx delivers a fully functioning VoIP phone solution that is geared towards small and medium sized businesses. CIO believes that this alternative option augments their other VoIP phone solution, ShoreTel, which is better suited for medium to large companies who require more sophisticated functionality.
Allworx is a realistic option for a company who desires the ease of a VoIP phone system but has a lower budget. Allworx is a total communication solution including VoIP capabilities, durable and stylish phones, and comprehensive software features. The transition from current telephone lines (usually analog) to VoIP is unusually seamless with Allworx. This is because Allworx supports both types of phone lines and they can be used simultaneously. When the business is ready to transition the whole system, Allworx makes it very simple to do so.
The Allworx family consists of the following equipment; The Allworx 6x Switch which supports up to 60 users per site and works with traditional lines as well as VoIP lines, The Allworx 24x Switch supports up to 150 users per site and can be fully integrated with a TI or PRI. Both switches are able to be combined with the Allworx PX 6/2 Expander, this expander allows companies to connect extra phone, fax and alarm lines. Up to three Expander modules can be added to either the 6X or the 24X. Allworx carries three styles of phones, ranging from basic to fully equipped. Some of the features include (depending on the model): adjustable stands, backlit screens, caller ID, call history, conferencing function, programmable function keys, speakerphone, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability.
Allworx’s software features are comparable to other available VoIP systems. Some of the available packages include Call Assistant, Call Queuing, Conference Center, and Dual Language. Call Assistant allows the operator to manage incoming calls with a program on their computer. Call Queuing is a cost effective call queue solution for small businesses. The Conference Center option allows eight participants to be on a conference call at the same time. The Dual Language pack includes both English and Castilian Spanish.
CIO strives to be the leader of phone systems for the tri county areas. By bringing Allworx in as an alternative to more advanced options we hope to have a solution for every business no matter what their budget allows. Visit to learn more about the phone system and call CIO Solutions today to receive a free demo.