How To: Log in with MFA Number Matching

Number matching is a verification method in which users enter their password as normal and are then provided with a verification number. That verification number must be entered into the Microsoft Authenticator app on their mobile device to grant access. This is a slightly different login process than you may be used to! How to… Read more »

Turning your Conference Rooms into Teams Rooms

Turning your Conference Rooms into Teams Rooms By Josh Farlow, Director of Cloud Services At the height of WFH, we all got used to virtual meetings. Most everyone has used Microsoft Teams video conferencing to some degree. But now that people are returning to the office more and more, there’s a disconnect between virtual meetings… Read more »

Top close view of a household surge protector on a wood table top.

How To: Properly Power your Electronics

How To: Properly Power your Electronics By Mike Shinn, Support Manager IN THIS ARTICLE:  Power Distribution Considerations About Battery Backups Be Choosy With Your Power For years California has hoped for more rain – we certainly could use the water. Unfortunately, with each storm comes additional problems in the form of power glitches. California is… Read more »

Why Blacklisting Spam May Not Work

Why Blacklisting Spam May Not Work  From CIO Support IN THIS ARTICLE:  What does it mean to “blacklist spam”? Blacklisting spam: a losing battle Alternatives to Blacklisting Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting at your desk and an email pings. It’s an invite to a business conference from a name that looks familiar. Glancing over it,… Read more »

Email Safety | 5 Ways to Spot a “Phishy” Email

Email Safety | 5 Ways to Spot a “Phishy” Email Quick Tips & Best Practices We rely on email for many functions of business today. This makes it an excellent tool for bad actors to exploit. Email is one of the quickest and easiest opportunities threat actors have at their disposal. Threat actors have gotten… Read more »

Office 365 Unlicensed Product Error

Office 365 Unlicensed Product Error Issue: Logging in/using any Microsoft product gives you an “Unlicensed Product” error. Usually, this is in the form of a red or yellow warning bar and/or a yellow warning triangle next to your login name. The warning bar tells you that your license is expired or that you cannot use… Read more »

Microsoft Exchange 0-Day Vulnerability Incident

Microsoft Exchange 0-Day Vulnerability Incident As you have likely seen in the news, Microsoft Exchange servers were the target of a 0-day vulnerability attack that resulted in (and continues to produce) thousands of compromised accounts and ransomware infections. What happened in this attack and what steps did CIO Solutions take to protect our clients? Incident… Read more »

Zoom for Cloud Desktops

Zoom for Cloud Desktops As work from home has become the new standard and we rely on video more than ever, we would like to ensure all of CIO Cloud clients have the best experience possible when joining Zoom meetings. To enhance the video and audio quality in your cloud desktop to HD level, please… Read more »

Holiday Tech Refresh Guide

Recommendations- Tech Refreshes & Holiday Upgrades Why would CIO Solutions, a managed service provider for business, be giving suggestions for personal technology devices? WFH has put consumer devices into corporate environments. Although we would love for all WFH environments to have business class devices we recognize that this isn't always possible. Accordingly, we can help... Read more »

SpamTitan Quarantine Tuning

SpamTitan Quarantine Tuning SpamTitan Quarantine filters can be tuned by individual users to help the engine work best for them.  Whitelists and Blacklists can be modified by the individual, while an Outlook plug-in and change of spam score threshold can be modified by CIO Solutions Support. To modify your individual Whitelists and Blacklists: Login to… Read more »