CIO Private Cloud- Multiple Monitors

Expanding your cloud session across multiple monitors: First, log into your cloud as you normally would ( When your cloud session has opened, locate the black Citrix toolbar and click to expand the menu. From this menu, select the “Window” option Your cloud window will shrink down so that it is no longer full-screen. Grab… Read more »

Citrix Receiver – Light Version to Full

Connecting to the CIO Private Cloud requires the use of a piece of software called the Citrix Workspace App (formerly Citrix Receiver). Occasionally, software updates will cause the software to default to the “light version”. The light version displays your cloud session entirely within a browser window. To return to the full-version display of the… Read more »

Resetting Cloud Password

Resetting CIO Private Cloud Password Go to enter your login credentials to log on Once logged into the cloud locate the menu bar across the top of the window. Click to expand the menu. Click Ctrl+Alt+Del from the menu options Choose “Change a Password” Enter your current password & new password then click the… Read more »

Resetting Outlook Password

Resetting Outlook Password In the address bar of your browser, go to Enter existing credentials(email address & current password) then Sign In Click the cog to open the Settings drop-down and select “Options” In the Options menu, click to expand General, then click on My Account Click Change Your Password Enter your current password… Read more »

Video Conferencing in the Cloud

Video Conferencing in the Cloud Cloud Optimization Tip 1 As our cloud customers are finding out, being in the cloud makes the work from home transition easier. However, that doesn’t mean their aren’t some optimizations that can help improve things. CIO will be continuing to explore many of these concepts in our webinar series and… Read more »

Right Signature with ShareFile

Right Signature with ShareFile Cloud Optimization Tip 2 As we look to move many business functions from a dependency on the physical office to a WFH solution an obvious road block is document sharing and signatures, specifically with our customers, prospective customers, vendors and partners. Business processes based on faxing, scanning and wet signatures are… Read more »

Fork-lifting Into The Cloud vs Optimizing In The Cloud

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer  If you are a business who has decided to dive into the countless benefits of the “cloud approach” to boost innovation and thus boost productivity, growth and profitability, the next decision is the migration approach. Many different methodologies can be used to migrate to the cloud. Normally you want to really… Read more »

Update and Go

By John Lim, CTO So one of my exciting weekend projects was wiping a used laptop from work. I use a Mac predominantly and have a PC on my desk, but I thought hmm, maybe I could use a laptop. Conveniently, we had a Windows laptop that was no longer in use. Now, working with… Read more »

We’re under attack! Because of a computer screen?

By John Lim, CTO Over the weekend, the residents of Hawaii got some crazy alerts about a missile that had launched. People were in a panic…but it was a false alarm. How can clicking one button immediately send out an alert like this, causing a state-wide panic, with no precautions in place and no “false alarm”… Read more »

Backing Up Your Cloud

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer Pretty much everyone agrees that IAAS and SAAS is the future for IT as more and more traditional infrastructure is being converted into cloud infrastructure, and more and more businesses are choosing SAAS over in house applications. As such, there may be less stress imposed on the backups for infrastructure housed… Read more »