Position Your Business for Success with IT Roadmapping

Position Your Business for Success with IT Roadmapping By Eric Egolf, CEO Planning, budgeting, and prioritizing for IT can be a complex process. Big-picture, strategic planning is a critical part of maturing a business’s IT operations. But many businesses don’t know where to start with this type of planning. Even if they do, many encounter… Read more »

Components of an IT Roadmap | IT Budgeting & Strategy

Components of an IT Roadmap | IT Budgeting & Strategy By Eric Egolf, CEO IT roadmapping can have a major impact on moving a business IT strategy from reactive to proactive. It is the process of itemizing IT projects, subscriptions, software, and services into a timeline-based spreadsheet to better understand upcoming costs, projects, and overall… Read more »

ShoreTel and Microsoft Teams Phones – Lessons From First Customer Implementation

Early on in the pandemic all we were hearing about in the IT world was about collaboration and distributed workforce tools, i.e. Slack, Teams, Zoom, One Drive and Sharefile to name a few. To keep ourselves busy during that uncertain time(March/April 2020) myself and Josh from CIO Solutions took it upon ourselves to learn the… Read more »

ShoreTel/Mitel Connect Integration to MS Teams – A Partial Migration Using AudioCodes SBC

Design Definition and Objective: We have a ShoreTel/Mitel Connect system with roughly 100 phones and want to start putting some users in the Microsoft Teams Phone System. Over time we will want the number of users in Teams to grow but at a minimum we will need our ECC(Call Center Users) to stay on ShoreTel…. Read more »

Sheltering in Place…Now What?

Sheltering in Place…Now What? By Eric Egolf, CEO Although it may be a while before the metaphorical dust settles from the COVID-19 situation, we are slowly entering a phase in which the planning parts of our brain can be used. That’s not to say that we know if we will have a u-shaped recovery, v-shaped… Read more »

Your Business IT Plan

Your Business’ IT Preparedness Plan- COVID-19

  Information Technology & Your Business Preparedness Plans COVID-19 has been making a lot of noise in the news lately. Due to increased restrictions and closures across the world, businesses are forced to consider what this will mean for their productivity. As an IT partner and provider, CIO Solutions plays a critical role in not… Read more »

Citrix Xenapp Workload vs General Infrastructure Workload – Cost Comparison Using Windows 2016 Per Core SPLA

Summary: In this article, I explore the cost implications of the new Microsoft Server 2016 Per Core pricing model focusing exclusively on SPLA  pricing . There isn’t much info on the web that takes a holistic look at cost implications which is why I decided to post my results and the spreadsheet. Specifically I wanted… Read more »

Citrix Xenapp with Nimble Storage All Flash Array

  Spoiler Alert – Nimble  All Flash Array creates great user experience with Citrix and MCS.    Overview: We purchased a Nimble CS460 X2 for our environment about 3.5 years ago. The CS460 is effectively a Hybrid Array although nimble calls it an Adaptive Flash Array… I guess because they think their caching algorithm is too… Read more »

Multi-Tenant Data Gold – How a CSP can use ExtraHop in a Multi-Tenant Private Cloud Environment

Summary:   In this article I will review how you can configure ExtraHop to get Multi-Tenant stats and dashboards which should resonate as a value add with any CSPs. It involves using ExtraHop triggers and some basic javascript. Once you understand this concept the world of possibilities open up. Items like ICA Latency Per User but… Read more »

ExtraHop and VMWare vDS enables you to get deeper monitoring

  I started the process of evaluating ExtraHop’s wire data monitoring technology very excited about the possibilities and my optimism still holds after a few days. I am looking forward to diving even deeper into the technology and spending some time understanding the additional business related benefits it can provide to our customers. My personal… Read more »