5 Reasons Why it is Easy to Do Business with CIO Solutions

5 Reasons Why it is Easy to Do Business with CIO Solutions By: Hannah Rich, Professional Service Coordinator It has never been easier to do business with CIO Solutions. From the end-user to the CFO we have made it our top priority to make doing business with CIO as enjoyable and cost-effective as possible. Many... Read more »

Did you know: You can track who is selling your gmail address to spammers…

When giving out your gmail account information when signing up for different websites, sign up using a +info inside of the email account such that chase@gmail.com would be entered on the website as chase+wellsfargo@gmail.com. This email will still go to chase@gmail.com, but would let you know who has given out your email address.

Santa Barbara EMR System – Electronic Medical Records

Brief Summary: As of late Electronic Medical Records or EMR has been a topic of discussion amongst Santa Barbara physican and physican practices. The reason is the potential influx of money, through the ARRA, that will be offered to physican practices that can show "Meaningful Use" of an EMR system. ARRA stands for American Recovery... Read more »

Santa Barbara PC Repair Services

CIO Solutions has been providing PC repair and computer consulting to the Santa Barbara and Tri Counties area since 1986. We have a dedicated technican department that works hand and hand with our engineering department that can troubleshoot computer and/or network related issues. Our office is located in Santa Barbara and we assist with both... Read more »

Santa Barbara Microsoft Online Services: Now Sold Through CIO Solutions

CIO Solutions is now certified and authorized by Microsoft to sell and support Microsoft Online Services in addition to helping clients migrate to these cloud-based services. CIO Solutions has been implementing Microsoft Solutions in the Santa Barbara and Tri Counties area since 1986 making Microsoft Online Services a natural fit. Microsoft Online Services helps customers... Read more »

Allworx: A New VoIP Phone System

Introducing Allworx: A New VoIP Phone System for Small to Medium Sized Business CIO Solutions is proud to announce that they have recently started carrying a second VoIP (telephone over computer network) phone solution. CIO decided to partner with Allworx because of the value their product provided. Allworx delivers a fully functioning VoIP phone solution... Read more »

Virtualization for Everybody, Finally!

by Andrew West, CTO Some days at work are definitely more notable than others, and today is one of those exceptional days. We've been providing fully-featured virtualization solutions to our clients for a number of years now, mostly with VMware's ESX (now called vSphere in version 4 of the product line). Traditionally, these solutions were... Read more »

The Advantages of Hosted Email

By Gordon Thompson, Remote Engineer This article discusses the advantages of using an offsite service to host your company's email. Within the SaaS (Software as a Service) community, email hosting is one of the most popular choices. This is largely due to the fact of how simple it is to implement and this simplicity is... Read more »

Online Security

By Chase Christian, Engineering Consultant One of the key issues plaguing both PC and Mac users alike is the proliferation of spyware and malware programs on the internet. Spyware, which is designed to capture your information and display advertising/popups, has grown from a rarely seen issue to a daily occurrence for those of us working... Read more »

Multiple Marketing Partnerships Leads CIO Solutions To Be Featured In Social Marketing Webinar

CIO Solutions, a Santa Barbara IT company, has been featured in a webinar on Social Marketing. The webinar was presented by channel marketing leader eCoast. Santa Barbara, CA, July 31, 2009 --- CIO Solutions, the tri-county leader of IT management, consulting and phone systems, was featured in eCoast’s social marketing webinar. This webinar was held... Read more »