Foundation versus Fixtures

By Russ Levanway, CEO We’re in the midst of remodeling our 4,500-square foot Fresno office right now, and if you’ve ever remodeled anything, you know it’s a long process. Our staff is temporarily relocated into a really small office in a neighboring building within the same business complex, in addition to some folks who work in… Read more »

Update and Go

By John Lim, CTO So one of my exciting weekend projects was wiping a used laptop from work. I use a Mac predominantly and have a PC on my desk, but I thought hmm, maybe I could use a laptop. Conveniently, we had a Windows laptop that was no longer in use. Now, working with… Read more »

Trust: Truly Keeping Core Values at the Core

By Russ Levanway, CEO We’re spending some time revisiting our core values this year to ensure we don’t lose sight of their true meaning. I think that, for core values to be meaningful, they need to be reflected upon often, to be explored for new ways to model and apply them. In a healthy company, core… Read more »

We’re under attack! Because of a computer screen?

By John Lim, CTO Over the weekend, the residents of Hawaii got some crazy alerts about a missile that had launched. People were in a panic…but it was a false alarm. How can clicking one button immediately send out an alert like this, causing a state-wide panic, with no precautions in place and no “false alarm”… Read more »

Backing Up Your Cloud

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer Pretty much everyone agrees that IAAS and SAAS is the future for IT as more and more traditional infrastructure is being converted into cloud infrastructure, and more and more businesses are choosing SAAS over in house applications. As such, there may be less stress imposed on the backups for infrastructure housed… Read more »

How TekTegrity is addressing Spectre and Meltdown

By John Lim, CTO As you may have heard, there are two major security vulnerabilities in the wild coined Spectre and Meltdown.  These two vulnerabilities may impact computer, phone and tablet processors dating back to 1995.  TekTegrity is working with major technology vendors to immediately address this situation. What is TekTegrity doing for you?

Your Log Has Something to Say to You

By John Lim, CTO When it comes to tech, most of us don’t have the need to look too deep into the systems we’re using. We go about the day using the system in place and don’t have to think twice about what’s going on under the surface. But when something goes wrong and all of… Read more »

Back it Up Like a Boss

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer The Story Behind Toy Story 2 We all know about the movie “Toy Story 2”. Pixar’s amazing creation where toys save the day. But did you know that the film was almost lost? And all because of human error. The primary files were accidentally deleted and when an attempt was made… Read more »

Do this One Thing to Make 2018 the Safest Year Yet

By Russ Levanway, CEO At the beginning of this year, I predicted trends for 2017 and discussed my single biggest concern: security. I talked about the changing security landscape and how crypto-ransomware is a real force to reckon with. Sadly, my predictions turned out to be true.

The Service that Saved the Day When Kim Kardashian Broke the Internet

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer It all starts in the cloud Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources. This includes computing power, database storage, and applications through a cloud services platform via the internet. A Cloud services platform owns and maintains the physical servers, the network-connected hardware required for these application services and the… Read more »