Password Security

Password Security By: Burt Ribet, Sr. Engineer There are four basic encryption authentication protocols that Microsoft uses: Lan Manager (LM), NT Lan Manager (NTLMv1), NTLMv2, and Kerberos.

CIO Completes Multi-Site ShoreTel Installation for Community West Bank

CIO COMPLETES MULTI-SITE SHORETEL INSTALLATION FOR COMMUNITY WEST BANK CIO Solutions has partnered with Community West Bank to install the ShoreTel VoIP phone system for their seven California locations. July 27, 2011 – Santa Barbara – CIO Solutions, the Tri-County leader in IT management, has successfully implemented the ShoreTel VoIP phone solution for Santa Barbara… Read more »

ShoreTel FAQ

How do I check my voicemail? From your Shoretel phone, it’s as simple as pressing the voicemail button and entering your password. From within the Call Manager software, you can access a visual inbox by left clicking the orange Shoretel icon to open the context menu, and mousing over the Windows tab.

VoIP Headsets – Product Review

To headset or not to headset…. (and if so, what kind do I want?) by Michael Biancone I have used a telephone headset for over 15 years now, and simply cannot imagine having to pick up a receiver in order to field and make telephone calls all day long. I have always used “Plantronics” brand… Read more »

Angry Birds Showdown – Seasons vs Rio

Mike Shinn: Angry Birds Seasons is WAY better than Angry Birds Rio

Trunk Options for VoIP Phone System Installations

Trunk Options – An Overiew By: Chase Christian

CIO Solutions Takes Bristol Associates, Inc. to the Cloud

June 20, 2011 – Santa Barbara – CIO Solutions has successfully migrated Bristol Associates’ IT infrastructure to a Managed Virtual Office platform. Bristol staff members have been working in their new Managed Virtual Office powered by CIO Solution’s world class datacenter. Managed Virtual Office is a form of cloud computing that has been gaining mass… Read more »

Scanning in a Cloud Environment

Scanning in the Cloud Written by: Bjoern Freiherr If you are replacing your local desktop with a cloud solution like Citrix XenApp, you still want to be able to use your local devices as normal. Here are certain ways to use local Scanners that are not network capable.

Product Spotlight: Wireless Router for Home Use

This review was provided by Ryan Popke. Ryan Popke just moved recently and found himself in need of a new router. His previous model was having a lot of trouble keeping up with the new, faster internet connection. He decided to buy the Linksys E2000 Wireless Router (made by Cisco).

Printing Options for Home use and Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Printing Options for Home use and Small to Medium Sized Businesses By: Ryan Popke and Michael Biancone