VMware Rebranding: An Editorial

VMWare is a company that produces a software suite called vSphere, which is a virtualization platform. It allows us to run multiple software servers on a single piece of hardware, saving energy and hardware costs and creating a more flexible server environment.

Meridian Group Partners with CIO Solutions for Campus-Wide WiFi Project

Meridian Group has selected CIO Solutions to be their partner in building and supporting their IT infrastructure which will provide high-speed, wireless internet access to students residing in their Isla Vista properties.

WiFi: Cutting the Cords – Wireless Network in Santa Barbara

It seems that, these days, wireless has become all the rage. It’s everywhere – hotels, coffee shops, even McDonalds. Everyone is offering WiFi and everyone wants it.

Juniper POE Configuration

Yesterday I had an issue with a customers new Juniper 2200 48-port POE switch.

How to enable ShoreTel Integration with Active Directory

Here's how the AD integration works: Step 1) Take an active directory user (adusername) that has administrative access to the server (Local Admins). Create a user in Shoretel with that EXACT client ID. Step 2) Set up the Shoretel server to be a trusted LDAP delegate for one of the domain controllers. (I have instructions... Read more »

Tech Tip – Physicans Desk Reference for iPhones, iPads and Android

The Physician’s Desk Reference is available for Android Phones, iPhones, iPads ( probably much better for this use!) and, for newer Blackberry phones. It is free for physicians.

VoIP Phone Santa Barbara – 5 Benefits for Your Business

When it comes to implementing a VoIP phone system, Santa Barbara has many different IT services that will help you get the most out of this new technology. Of course, before you begin the process of changing over, it would be wise to learn some basics about VoIP phones and VoIP phone services.

Santa Barbara Solutions for IT Management

Santa Barbara is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley area of California, making it an opportune location for IT management services. Just north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is located on the coast and is home to many tech-related businesses and industries.

Santa Barbara Phone Systems – VoIP 101

Santa Barbara phone systems are something that every business needs to think about. VoIP offers the latest and greatest in communications technology to offer stronger signals, more features and included benefits, and a cost savings that is quite notable compared to other phone service solutions.

Santa Barbara Computer Consulting and Computer Repair – What to Look For

In Santa Barbara, there are no shortage of computer consulting professionals and IT management firms that can help your business operations run more smoothly from day to day.