IT as a Competive Sport

By April Cole Worley Lucky for us, Chenise’s professional life didn’t work out exactly as she had planned (like most of us, right?). She didn’t start out in IT, she had plans to be an esthetician. But, Chenise has a competitive side that she nurtured by playing sports – a passion she shared with her father,… Read more »

Is Your Business Buddhist or Catholic?

By Russ Levanway, CEO I recently read a book that addresses the question of how to grow a business while retaining quality and efficiency called Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less by Robert I. Sutton and Huggy Rao. One key question in the book is “do you run your business with… Read more »

Affordable Housing Spotlight: Fresno Housing Authority Viking Village Apartments

Fresno Housing Authority Viking Village Apartments Construction Type: Rehab Fresno Housing Authority prides itself in creating vibrant communities, building quality affordable housing, and supporting the success of its nearly 50,000 residents throughout the county.   Objective To provide free high-speed wireless internet to every resident through a responsible, sustainable, and holistic technology plan. “It was… Read more »

Design Comparison: Nutanix vs Nimble Storage w Blades

As a disclaimer we are a Nimble Storage partner and hence most of our real world experience is with Nimble and not Nutanix. Additionally our company has been hesitant to fully buy into much of the buzz around hyper-convergence and this article may reflect some of that hesitation. However at our core we are technology... Read more »

Tomorrow’s Techie

By Russ Levanway, CEO No degree? No problem. You’ve most likely heard stories about famous people in technology who didn’t excel in a classroom setting: Bill Gates attended Harvard for two years before dropping out to found Microsoft and Steve Jobs left Reed College after just six months. Traditional school just wasn’t where they did… Read more »

Resist the Click: Your first defense against cyber sabotage

By Russ Levanway, CEO A virus as menacing as it sounds A couple years ago a new virus emerged called “CryptoLocker”. This nefarious virus is classified as ‘ransomware’; It infects computers by encrypting the files, offloading the encryption key, and holding the files ransom for a fee made payable to CryptoLocker’s authors. Many people without… Read more »

Why the ‘WHY’ Matters

By Russ Levanway, CEO Until last year, TekTegrity’s mission was “To provide premium information technology services through relationships of the highest quality and integrity with our clients.” How many of our staff knew this mission by heart? Maybe half. And how well did it resonate with them? Probably not too well. Like individuals, companies can… Read more »

Cybersecurity Mitigation Webinar

Presented to MGMA at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, Spring 2015 Cybersecurity can be a heavy burden on any practice.  Achieving regulatory compliance can be costly, functional results of compliance can be cumbersome, and fears about breaches can negatively impact team culture and sound decision making.  That sums up the experience of many practices, but other… Read more »

TekTegrity to Launch New Tech Support Division for Small Businesses

Award Winning IT Company Introduces Innovative IT to Provide On-Demand IT Support for Central Coast Companies With Fewer than 10 Employees San Luis Obispo, CA, May 15, 2015 – TekTegrity announced today it is adding a division to most effectively provide high-quality on-demand IT services to Central Coast businesses with fewer than ten employees. The… Read more »

How Technology Connected Me to the World

by Russ Levanway, CEO In these days of fast-paced technological progress, I often hear people say that technology is disconnecting people from the world around them. Of course, there’s plenty of evidence to back that opinion up, including my personal favorite, the story of a woman who walked directly off a pier while scrolling her Facebook… Read more »