Did you know: Spam can get through to your email even if you have spam protection?

Recently there has been a huge increase in the amount of spam, or unwanted email advertisements, going to spam protection. Even the best spam protection cannot block 100% of these. You may receive a handful of these each day, sometimes they seem like they’re written from yourself or a coworker! It’s best to delete these,... Read more »

Did you know: Summer’s coming – and the temperature can kill your hard drive

With higher temperatures, your computer has to work harder than ever to operate normally. To help your computer, make sure that its fans and vents are clear of dust bunnies and debris. It may be necessary to open your computer to vacuum or air-blow it out, especially if you have a pet or your computer... Read more »

Did you know: Microsoft Word has a lot of Shortcut keys!

These are just a few: Ctrl + A = Select All Ctrl + B = Bold highlighted selection Ctrl + C = Copy selection Ctrl + V = Paste the copied items Ctrl + P = Print Ctrl + I = Italics Ctrl + U = Underline Ctrl + Z = Undo Ctrl + Y... Read more »

Windows 7 Tips

by Mike Shinn Remote Engineer mshinn@ciosolutions.com For those of you who read my last article reviewing Windows 7 on why you should consider the switch to Windows 7, I’m still convinced that 7 will stick where Vista had failed. That said, below are some new features and tips that you can use to get the... Read more »

Social Networking: Can a Regionally Focused Business get a Return

If you are like us, then you are a regional business that is trying to determine what the true opportunity surrounding social networking is. If you are like us everyone is reminding us of this opportunity, your employees, your friends, your vendors and even the messages that make it past your spam filter. However, the... Read more »

Juniper vs Cisco: A Partner Perspective

We became a Juniper Networks Partner when they purchased Netscreen about 5 years ago. Typically we see partner programs go downhill when a big company eats a smaller one. Juniper’s acquisition was different in that the partner program and Netscreen technology became even better. Since that time we have picked up some of Juniper’s other... Read more »

Microsoft’s Vision: A Partner Perspective from WPC09

Microsoft is entering a new era of competition. Cloud based apps, like those from Google and Zoho, seem to have the momentum or at least the hype on their side. Combine this with the failure that was Vista and the other viable operating system choices in the market such as Mac or Ubuntu. It all... Read more »

Review of Windows 7

by Mike Shinn Remote Engineer mshinn@ciosolutions.com I am currently testing Windows 7, Microsoft's new operating system that will replace Vista. You may have heard some negative comments about Vista from friends, or even experienced it yourself. Microsoft has heard your complaints and is rushing to replace Vista with something that you can be happy with.... Read more »

Greener Computing: CIO Solutions helps our clients work towards greener IT

How is CIO working towards Greener Computing in Santa Barbara Using Remote Control in place of many on-site visits Concsious about our Paper and Printer Usage Use sleep and other power saving features when computer is not in use Use virtualization to consolidate servers and reduce power usage footprint How can we help our clients... Read more »

Did you know: you can use Google with a little more power?

*Did you know: you can use Google with a little more power? Add “site:edu” or “site:gov” to limit your search to school or government domains. To target specific sites add “site:domainname.com” to your search Convert Currency and units by googling “9.5 cm in inches” for example Narrow by file type – if you need to... Read more »