CIO SOLUTIONS AND CITRIX CELEBRATE SANTA BARBARA PARTNERSHIP CIO Solutions and Citrix are hosting an informative happy hour at the beautiful Canary Hotel in Downtown Santa Barbara to celebrate their new partnership.

StorMagic Storage Virtualization – Server Virtualization

StorMagic Storage Virtualization By: Andrew West, CTO Not too long ago, you had to invest a significant amount of cash into a shared storage subsystem (aka a SAN – Storage Area Network) to realize all of the benefits of server virtualization.

How To Avoid Getting Blacklisted

Written By: Mike Shinn It’s easy to get on the world’s “bad” list while everyone is sensitive to spam. Here are some tips to try to stay on everyone’s good side and avoid getting your company’s email blocked. It takes only one person to get your whole company on a black list.

Workstation/Home Electronic Power Information

Written By: Mike Shinn With power outages occurring and more expected due to the power, I’ve been receiving a lot of the same types of questions and problems. Typically we have provided or worked with our clients to make sure that their network and data are protected using proper power conditioners and battery backups. More… Read more »

Introduction to NAS: Part 2

By: Peter Trinh In the article, Introduction to NAS: Part 1, I introduced the NAS, discussed what they are, and explained their features. If you missed reading that article, you can easily find it here. In Part 2 of this article, I will discuss the physical features of NAS devices along with the market segments… Read more »

How to setup a cell phones based ShoreTel workgroup

This configuration has worked like a charm for us. It uses all of ShoreTel’s best features. We use it internally as well as have customers using it. Basically you are going to setup a workgroup that rings cell phones top down and puts the caller in queue till they get an agent via their cell…. Read more »

Supporting Santa Barbara Managed Services

Operations and team execution are the two key ingredients to support managed services. Any organization can hire a sales rep that can regurgitate the story of the week but how many of those sales reps have an organization behind them that can deliver on that story?

Introduction to NAS: Part 1

Introduction to NAS: Part 1 By: Peter Trinh This will be the first article within a series that will focus on NAS devices. This article will introduce NAS devices, describe what they are, and discuss their features.

How to get Emergency IT, Computer or Network Support in Santa Barbara

Do to the increasing reliance on IT, the need for support can happen at anytime, during business hours or non business hours.

ShoreTel Call Manager on Windows 7 XP Mode

Here are your Windows 7 XP Mode + Shoretel PCM instructions: