Review of Microsoft Security Essentials

Review of Microsoft Security Essentials Near the end of September of 2009, Microsoft released its free anti-malware all-in-one software solution to the public.

Windows 7

Windows 7 By: Chase Christian As you probably have already seen via their recent marketing blitz, Microsoft recently released their newest OS, Windows 7, towards the end of October.

Microsoft’s Direct X11: Coming Soon to a PC Near You

Microsoft’s DirectX 11: Coming Soon to a PC Near You By: Ryan Popke, CIO Solutions With the launch of Windows 7 we are seeing Microsoft’s latest API (Application Programming Interfaces):

Online Holiday Shopping

Online Holiday Shopping By: Allison Bolger This holiday season, lessen the hassle of finding gifts by shopping online. In a time where green is good and frugality is key, the internet proves to be a favorable resource for consumers

CIO Infrastructure Up to Date with vSphere (VMware ESX 4.0)

By Andrew West, CTO CIO Solutions has just completed its upgrade to VMware vSphere, aka ESX 4.0. In addition to the new benefits and features we are enjoying including native Storage vMotion, Distributed vSwitches, the ability to expand VMFS volumes on the fly, Fault Tolerance, simple host patch management with Update Manager, and others, we... Read more »

Netbooks vs. Laptops

Netbooks: From the Third World to the Third Cloud on the Left

5 Reasons Why it is Easy to Do Business with CIO Solutions

5 Reasons Why it is Easy to Do Business with CIO Solutions By: Hannah Rich, Professional Service Coordinator

Did you know: You can track who is selling your gmail address to spammers…

When giving out your gmail account information when signing up for different websites, sign up using a +info inside of the email account such that would be entered on the website as This email will still go to, but would let you know who has given out your email address.

Santa Barbara EMR System – Electronic Medical Records

Brief Summary: As of late Electronic Medical Records or EMR has been a topic of discussion amongst Santa Barbara physican and physican practices.

Santa Barbara PC Repair Services

CIO Solutions has been providing PC repair and computer consulting to the Santa Barbara and Tri Counties area since 1986