How to disarm VMware’s Snapshot Time Bomb

By Ruby Nahal, Systems Engineer A rose by any other name I, like many techs, think VMware’s “snapshot” is a pretty slick feature. I just think it should have been named something else. See, when it comes to functionality, VMware did not stick to the industry standard of what most of us regard as a… Read more »

Beware Ransomware // Be the Cat, not the Mouse

By John Lim, CTO Memories for Ransom I have a question for you: If someone held your wedding photos ransom, how much would you be willing to pay to get them back? Here’s a different question: How much would you be willing to pay to ensure you never have to make that kind of decision?

HOW TO // How to get out of a Rut

By Jeremy Koellish, COO Here’s how it starts: You’re presented with a problem and your mind instantly begins to work at it like a reflex instead of the complex wonder machine it actually is. You find you’re going nowhere fast and you wonder why. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, there’s a term for it – it’s… Read more »

Ruby Takes Flight

By April Cole Worley Prodigal Sun The day Ruby was born her aunt cried. But not for the reasons someone raised in the West would understand. The tears were traditional in nature, for it was customary in India to cry at the birth of girl babies and celebrate the birth of boy babies. But Ruby’s… Read more »

All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in the Army

By April Cole Worley The Kid Keith’s nickname in the Army was “The Kid”. This was not a reference to him being immature in any way – Keith was far from that having been living on his own since 15, riding his bike on back roads to get into town where he worked – it… Read more »

United States vs. Apple :: Taking a Stand

By Russ Levanway Rhetoric vs. Reality The standoff between Apple and the FBI over access to the iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook in the San Bernardino mass shooting last December is a polarizing case. In the media, the rhetoric has primarily hinged on a question of safety vs. privacy: Should the government have backdoor… Read more »

HOW TO // How to Workflow

By Jeremy Koellish, COO Today I’m going to talk workflows. Did the mere mention of the word ‘workflow’ just then make you nervous? Trust me, you’re not alone. That said, this article is going to address the most common barriers to developing workflows, reasons why you ought to move past those barriers and tricks to… Read more »

Robotics is a Sport

By Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant For almost 20 years, local tech organization Softec* has been working to promote technology on the Central Coast. From VC events like Tech Pitch and Startup Weekend to Dinner Panels, Open Houses, and TechBrew. These events have facilitated what we call ‘Softec Moments’. Moments when ideas are created, key people come… Read more »

Is your Relationship a Win-Win?

By Russ Levanway Keeping the Love Alive With Valentine’s Day coming up, relationships are on everyone’s mind. I’ve been thinking about relationships, too – not so much the romantic variety but, more appropriately for this column, the relationship between IT providers and their clients. What makes a good IT partnership work? I believe that for… Read more »

HOW TO // How to Huddle

By Jeremy Koellish, COO I get asked a lot about how we conduct our famous daily tech huddles, so I thought I’d lay it out for you with these seemingly intuitive but maybe not so obvious tips so you’re not forced to muddle through your huddle. (Yeah, I went there.)