Did you know: you can use Google with a little more power?

*Did you know: you can use Google with a little more power? Add “site:edu” or “site:gov” to limit your search to school or government domains. To target specific sites add “site:domainname.com” to your search Convert Currency and units by googling “9.5 cm in inches” for example Narrow by file type – if you need to... Read more »

Looking for a new Phone System in Santa Barbara

Phone Systems in Santa Barbara We wrote this article as introduction to phone system business requirements for SMB business’s in Santa Barbara looking at new telephones. The first question an organization needs to ask when reviewing telephony(that’s the fancy way of saying phone systems) solutions is, “what are the viable vendors and technologies choices that... Read more »

ShoreTel Phone Systems Delivers Value to Santa Barbara

By Eric Egolf — May 9th, 2009 CIO Solutions has been installing, configuring, and maintaining ShoreTel since 2002. In that time we have seen the explosive growth of the VoIP industry but more importantly we have seen the benefits that our customers have derived from the ShoreTel Unified Communications System. Our customer base starts as... Read more »

Petote drives Goleta tech firm to success!

By RAY ESTRADA — April 7, 2009 What was started in an Isla Vista apartment for $8,000 in 1986 has changed into a multimillion-dollar high-tech company that thrives in today’s crowded computer network industry. In 1983, John Petote came to the South Coast with an associate’s degree in computer management from a Pittsburgh, Pa., college... Read more »

CIO Thanksgiving Quiz

Thanksgiving Quiz! 1. In what country was the turkey first domesticated? 2. What is a female turkey called? 3. What is a male turkey called? 4. About how many feathers does a mature turkey have? 5. Which state produces the most turkeys annually? 6. How fast can wild turkeys run? 7. Approximately what percentage of... Read more »