Windows 8 Review

                      What’s the deal with       ? You might have heard about Microsoft's new Operating System Windows 8 and now you are wondering if you should upgrade? Microsoft has made substantial changes to their product compared to previous versions. The most noticeable thing for every user... Read more »

Nimble Storage vs Netapp

Disclaimer We are both a NetApp partner and a Nimble Storage partner. The information provided here in no way is implying one product is universally better than another, as we view both as great products. This article is simply meant to provide the rationale for why we decided to pick one over the other for... Read more »

SAS vs SATA Pricing Advantages using Netapp as an Example

I ran some numbers (thanks to Engmyr’s assistance) regarding the various NetApp disk/shelf options. There are 3 main types of disk: 7.2k RPM SATA, 10K RPM SFF (Small Form Factor), and 15k RPM SAS. Each of these disks and options have different capabilities and benefits.   SAS vs SATA   Let’s look first at IOPS/$1k,... Read more »

DPM replica is inconsistent

When we started implementing Microsoft DPM we went through a series of headaches as we tried to get it working continually and consistently. We went through a number of online resources as well as conversations with other geeks who had successfully used DPM. Overall it was a huge pain and I wished one resource would... Read more »

What is Jailbreaking/Rooting?

The term “jailbreak” has worked its way into urban vernacular, but the definition has become somewhat lost in translation. In short, to “jailbreak,” or “root” a device is to gain the ability to modify protected system files. The process was dubbed “jailbreaking” shortly after the release of the original iPhone, as many consumers felt that... Read more »


CIO Solutions has moved offices. Our new address is: 150 Castilian Drive, Suite 100 Goleta, CA 93117 Our phone numbers have stayed the same: Main: 805-692-6700 Support: 805-692-6709 Fax: 805-692-6701 Our PO Box for all payment remittance has stayed the same: PO Box 1247 Goleta, CA 93116 Stay tuned for an open house/customer appreciation event!!... Read more »

The Housing Authority of Santa Barbara County Partners with CIO Solutions for Disaster Recovery Plan

THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF SANTA BARBARA COUNTY PARTNERS WITH CIO SOLUTIONS FOR DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN CIO Solutions will be assisting with the design, implementation and support of a disaster recovery solution for The Housing Authority of Santa Barbara County. Santa Barbara – September 19, 2011 - The Housing Authority of Santa Barbara County (HASBARCO) has... Read more »

Password Security

Password Security By: Burt Ribet, Sr. Engineer There are four basic encryption authentication protocols that Microsoft uses: Lan Manager (LM), NT Lan Manager (NTLMv1), NTLMv2, and Kerberos. LM was Microsoft’s first attempt at an encryption/authentication. LM has a maximum of 14 characters and is case insensitive. It uses DES for encryption. NTLMv1 was introduced in... Read more »

CIO Completes Multi-Site ShoreTel Installation for Community West Bank

CIO COMPLETES MULTI-SITE SHORETEL INSTALLATION FOR COMMUNITY WEST BANK CIO Solutions has partnered with Community West Bank to install the ShoreTel VoIP phone system for their seven California locations. July 27, 2011 – Santa Barbara – CIO Solutions, the Tri-County leader in IT management, has successfully implemented the ShoreTel VoIP phone solution for Santa Barbara... Read more »

ShoreTel FAQ

How do I check my voicemail? From your Shoretel phone, it’s as simple as pressing the voicemail button and entering your password. From within the Call Manager software, you can access a visual inbox by left clicking the orange Shoretel icon to open the context menu, and mousing over the Windows tab. Once expanded, there... Read more »