Cheat Sheet: How to Train Someone to Replace You

By John Lim, CTO Professional Growth > Training In the last few months, I’ve spent a large chunk of my time working with our technical staff. We call it training but really I think the focus is on personal/professional growth.

Now Hiring…Everywhere

By Russ Levanway, CEO The Future Will Be Built on Tech I believe there’s going to be a sea change in the workforce. But I don’t think that necessarily means we’re going to have the chronic, long-term unemployment that so many fear if we play our cards right and start training American workers to meet… Read more »

Citrix Xenapp Workload vs General Infrastructure Workload – Cost Comparison Using Windows 2016 Per Core SPLA

Summary: In this article, I explore the cost implications of the new Microsoft Server 2016 Per Core pricing model focusing exclusively on SPLA  pricing . There isn’t much info on the web that takes a holistic look at cost implications which is why I decided to post my results and the spreadsheet. Specifically I wanted… Read more »

Change Control: Getting a Handle on Chaos

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer As Network Admins, we are all guilty of making a change without taking the time to document that has come back and hurt us. Even more frustrating, is when you get stuck working on an issue due to someone else’s lack of documentation. I, myself, have worked on several issues… Read more »

Real Consulting // NASCAR Here I Come!

By Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant The bell rings twice as I pull into the Santa Maria Jiffy Lube.  Immediately I am greeted by the Courtesy Technician and whisked away into the plush waiting room.  Behind me, a team of six is at the ready to service my car with the goal of completing my oil… Read more »

The IT Anti-Trend of 2017

By Russ Levanway, CEO Each December, announcing trends for the coming year is standard operating procedure for the IT media. Journalists and insiders always predict a sea change in how people work and what they do; if you go back a few years, the prevailing trends include the move to mobile and how everything is… Read more »

Selecting the Right EHR System

By Nathan Stott, Practice Director Selecting an electronic health records (EHR) system can be a difficult undertaking for any practice. In our last post, we discussed some of the important details regarding EHR use under the new MACRA ruling. With the largest percentage (25%) of the MIPS composite score for 2017 being reliant upon the Advancing… Read more »

Does this robot make me look fat?

By Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant Pop culture has done a great job exposing us to telepresence robots. From The Good Wife to The Big Bang Theory – it’s easy to poke fun at the obvious absurdity of the telepresence robot.  So while I doubt many of us have actually seen one in use at the… Read more »

Balancing Security and Productivity

By Russ Levanway, CEO Now that the election is over maybe it’s finally safe to talk about something that’s been on my mind. I didn’t want to touch it with a ten-foot pole, but it’s obviously very relevant to IT and our industry: I’m talking about Hillary’s emails.

Best Practices for Active Directory Group Policies

By Ruby Nahal, Senior Engineer Active Directory Group Policies are an extremely powerful component of Active Directory. They are the magic wand that will help you control the functioning and behavior of entities in your Active Directory domain. And because they are so powerful, it can also be dangerous if they are misconfigured. Ever heard… Read more »