SANTA BARBARA, CA., April 21, 2017 – CIO Solutions, the leading IT provider in Santa Barbara is proud to announce that company founder and chairman, John Petote, has been awarded the prestigious 2017 Pioneer Award by the South Coast Business & Technology Awards Committee.

This year marks the 23rd annual South Coast Business & Technology Awards. Initiated in 1995 by local business and industry executives, the awards honor individuals and companies who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to ensuring the economic vitality of Santa Barbara County’s south coast. Each year more than 80 corporate sponsors participate in the county’s premier networking event that draws an audience of over 700 people.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation, and to date $1.8 million has been granted to 811 students.

CIO Solutions has maintained a strong commitment to our local community. The company is committed to growing local businesses and maintaining robust community engagement. CIO believes that by investing in the growth of our neighbors we are all able to thrive.

It is this commitment to local business and serving the community that led John Petote to found the Santa Barbara Angel Alliance. This organization has assisted numerous start-ups in the Central Coast Area. In his role as investor Petote offers strategic mentorship, leadership coaching, and problem solving providing far more than financial capital.

In response to being chosen as this year’s award recipient Petote has this to say,

I am incredibly honored to have been selected for the Pioneer of the Year award. This award further motivates me to continue enhancing the Central Coast Community via assisting startup companies to attain successful outcomes. I am especially honored for this award to have come from an organization as astounding as the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation. I admire their commitment to providing college education to motivated kids who may have otherwise been denied this opportunity.

In this role Petote is uniquely situated to support innovative entrepreneurial ideas that might not otherwise come to fruition. His insights into the importance of nurturing aptitude derive from a childhood that emphasized self-reliance and grit. Petote credits the Boys and Girls Club with steering him in the right direction despite the fact that his family was unable to afford college for all of his siblings. Petote has previously noted that smart kids who might not otherwise get the chance to succeed deserve that chance. This informs his business practice, and his commitment to supporting organizations like the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation and the United Boys and Girls Club.

Our partnership with United Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara has been very rewarding. CEO Michael Baker has this to say about John and working with CIO.

When I arrived here a little over 2 years ago our technology support was quite expensive and less than stellar.  I met with John Petote and took him on a tour.  It was during that time that I talked to him about CIO taking over our technology support.  They literally cut our bill by 60%.  The service we have now is 10 times better than what we had.  The team at CIO is incredibly reliable and they are GREAT Corporate Citizens.  Many of their staff have supported our events and even participated in activities with our members. I guess what I am most proud of John Petote for is the fact that he is a Club Kid.  He grew up in Wilkinsburg, PA and attended the Wilkinsburg Boys Club.  He never forgot that and he is now a Board member for our organization.  I am very proud to call him an Alum of Boys & Girls Clubs.  He really is giving back. Congratulations to you John for this very well deserved award. 


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