VMware Rebranding: An Editorial

VMWare is a company that produces a software suite called vSphere, which is a virtualization platform. It allows us to run multiple software servers on a single piece of hardware, saving energy and hardware costs and creating a more flexible server environment. VMWare recently released vSphere 4.1, which is the last build of vSphere that… Read more »

Meridian Group Partners with CIO Solutions for Campus-Wide WiFi Project

Meridian Group has selected CIO Solutions to be their partner in building and supporting their IT infrastructure which will provide high-speed, wireless internet access to students residing in their Isla Vista properties. Santa Barbara – September 15, 2010 Meridian Group, a local Real Estate Management company, has chosen CIO Solutions to design, implement and support… Read more »

VoIP Phone Santa Barbara – 5 Benefits for Your Business

When it comes to implementing a VoIP phone system, Santa Barbara has many different IT services that will help you get the most out of this new technology. Of course, before you begin the process of changing over, it would be wise to learn some basics about VoIP phones and VoIP phone services. To help… Read more »

Network Design and Management – Top 7 Considerations

When it comes to network design and management, you have a lot of different elements to consider. You have to think about how your business can best benefit from these services, as well as which types of designs will be most effective. It is imperative to figure out exactly what works for each individual client… Read more »

Juniper Network Management – Effective Networking Security

Juniper network management offers high-performance network infrastructures for any company or organization. This company can offer a variety of solutions for expansion, including with complicated legacy networks that you want to keep in-tact as much as possible while still being innovative. Of course, one of the paramount issues with cloud computing and network management solutions… Read more »

Citrix Solutions for Remote Desktop Access – Top 3 Benefits

Citrix solutions offer something for just about any business. This company has many different network consulting services, including the ability to offer network security solutions and better applications for IT services than other programs might offer. Virtualization of the workplace is one asset that many companies are cashing in on, and something that Citrix can… Read more »

What does Juniper really bring to the table that Cisco does not already provide?

What does Juniper really bring to the table that Cisco does not already provide? Going through our keyword analysis web site statistics I saw that someone searched for this exact phrase and ending up at an article that I posted about year ago about “Juniper vs Cisco: A Partner Perspective”. However, that article really doesn’t… Read more »

Tech Tip: Wildcard Certs

Basics: Great for 5 sites on the same server, terrible for 5 sites on 5 servers. Great use case would be a loaded Exchange 2007 server, with mail.whatever.com, autodiscover.whatever.com, connectwise.whatever.com, www.whatever.com, and citrix.whatever.com all on the same front-end DMZ server. Typically, it makes financial sense to consider a wildcard certificate if you have more than… Read more »

TechTip: Control Panel Items from Command Line

TechTip: Control Panel Items from Command Line By: Mike Shinn You can run a lot of windows tools from command line or start-run. Here’s a good sized list. Some you use daily and others you probably knew there was something there for it but never knew what it was. At the top are my favorites:… Read more »

Really Green IT

Really Green IT Written By: Andrew West Have you noticed that everything, from companies to the products that they sell, is suddenly “green” almost overnight? Is it possible that the same dish detergent that you bought last year is really green this year? If you’re as skeptical as I am, it’s probably because your intuition… Read more »