CIO Solutions Acquires Compass Consulting in Ventura

CIO Solutions Acquires Compass Consulting July 13, 2023, Ventura, Calif. – CIO Solutions, one of the Central Coast’s leading Computer Consulting and Network Management companies, has acquired Compass Consulting, further expanding its local presence. Compass Consulting is a Ventura County-based Information Technology consulting and managed services firm, providing cloud solutions, managed IT services, software development,… Read more »


Employee Spotlight: Carlos Salazar

Behind the Screens- Meet Carlos Meet Carlos Salazar, a dynamic member of the team based in our Fresno office. He hails from the vibrant city of Miami, FL, and embraces his rich heritage of Cuban and Mexican roots. Carlos finds his motivation in his two beautiful daughters and his amazing wife, who serve as constant… Read more »

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Safeguarding Your Business Beyond Device Security: The Rising Importance of Identity Protection

Safeguarding Your Business Beyond Device Security: The Rising Importance of Identity Protection By Eric Egolf, CEO IN THIS ARTICLE: What is User Identity About Identity Protection Solutions In today’s digital landscape, IT security is a hot topic of discussion, and for good reason. Security is a constantly changing and complex field and while it may… Read more »

How To: Log in with MFA Number Matching

Number matching is a verification method in which users enter their password as normal and are then provided with a verification number. That verification number must be entered into the Microsoft Authenticator app on their mobile device to grant access. This is a slightly different login process than you may be used to! How to… Read more »


Employee Spotlight: Michael Barnes

Behind the Screens- Meet Michael Meet Michael Barnes, one of our brilliant Senior Engineers who has been with us for just over 9 years! He’s instrumental in ensuring our systems are properly designed, maintained, and functioning up to standards. Born in Garden Grove, he’s called Fresno his home since he was two years old. When… Read more »

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Business Email: M365’s Exchange Online vs. Exchange

Business Email: M365’s Exchange Online vs. Exchange Microsoft is a dominant player in the business email market. For most businesses, the question isn’t whether to use Microsoft email solutions, but rather “which one?” While Microsoft’s Exchange server solution has been the go-to option for years, the rise of cloud-based solutions has given businesses a more flexible… Read more »

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Turning your Conference Rooms into Teams Rooms

Turning your Conference Rooms into Teams Rooms By Josh Farlow, Director of Cloud Services At the height of WFH, we all got used to virtual meetings. Most everyone has used Microsoft Teams video conferencing to some degree. But now that people are returning to the office more and more, there’s a disconnect between virtual meetings… Read more »

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Neglecting MFA: The Scary Reality of Your Business Risk

Neglecting MFA: The Scary Reality of Your Business Risk IT security is more important than ever. Cyber-attacks and data breaches are a daily occurrence, they just don’t all make headlines. Businesses that fail to take proactive security measures put not only themselves at risk, but their customers too. One of today’s foundational security measures is… Read more »

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How To: Properly Power your Electronics

How To: Properly Power your Electronics By Mike Shinn, Support Manager IN THIS ARTICLE:  Power Distribution Considerations About Battery Backups Be Choosy With Your Power For years California has hoped for more rain – we certainly could use the water. Unfortunately, with each storm comes additional problems in the form of power glitches. California is… Read more »


Employee Spotlight: Tach Martinez

Behind the Screens- Meet Tach Meet Tach! Tach has been a Rapid Response Technician on team CIO for about a year and a half. As an RRT member, he answers the call for help when our clients hit a snag in their work day. This typically means taking phone calls to resolve issues, but in… Read more »