3D Technology – A Review for Home and Business

3D Technology: A Review for Home and Business Written By: Chase Christian It seems like there’s hardly a new movie released to theatres now that isn’t featured in 3D. With the huge commercial success of Avatar last year, many movie studios are jumping at the opportunity to get onto the 3D bandwagon. Commercials on television… Read more »

Think Brown, Not Green!

Think Brown, Not Green! Here at CIO it’s been a year of thinking brown. Brown boxes to be exact. Over the course of the last year we have switched over to a new way of doing things our shipping department.We have purchased exactly 0 boxes and eliminated all of the packing materials needed to ship… Read more »

CEO of CIO Solutions to Speak on Entreprenurial Success at Catalyst For Thought Event

CEO OF CIO SOLUTIONS TO SPEAK ON ENTREPRENURIAL SUCCESS IN THE TRI-COUNTY AREA AT CATALYST FOR THOUGHT EVENT John Petote, CEO of CIO Solutions will be presenting on the Formula for Tri-County Entrepreneurial Success at the upcoming Catalyst for Thought event Santa Barbara, CA – June 9, 2010 – John Petote, CEO of CIO Solutions,… Read more »

CIO Solutions Sponsors Santa Barbara CCFA 2010 ‘Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis Walk

CIO SOLUTIONS SPONSORS SANTA BARBARA CCFA 2010 ‘TAKE STEPS FOR CROHN’S AND COLITIS WALK CIO Solutions sponsored the first annual CCFA Crohn’s and Colitis Walk in Santa Barbara, California. Santa Barbara, CA – June 9, 2010 – CIO Solutions, an Information Technology (IT) firm in Santa Barbara, sponsored the first annual Crohn’s and Colitis Walk… Read more »

The Seven Types of Power Problems

The Seven Types of Power Problems: Summary of APC White Paper In today’s ever evolving technologically advanced world, our dependence on reliable power has become more and more crucial to the success of businesses world-wideWith the importance of power considerations in the IT world comes the need for standardization of terminology and communication. For both… Read more »

Battle of the Slashes

Battle of the Slashes First off, I’m no computer guy. I email. I surf the internet. I sometimes even create PowerPoint presentations and hope people don’t fall asleep. And so it must be acknowledged that I don’t understand much of the computer lingo out there. I can’t really tell you how what the memory does… Read more »

CIO Solutions Sponsors Green Building Art Show for Santa Barbara’s July First Thursday Event

CIO SOLUTIONS SPONSORS GREEN BUILDING ART SHOW FOR SANTA BARBARA’S JULY FIRST THURSDAY EVENT CIO Solutions, a Santa Barbara based IT consulting firm, will be the corporate sponsor of C4’s Green Building Art Show in July’s First Thursday event. Santa Barbara, CA – June 9, 2010 – CIO Solutions, an Information Technology (IT) firm in… Read more »

John Petote Nominated and Confirmed as Newest Board Member of the UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project

JOHN PETOTE NOMINATED AND CONFIRMED AS NEWEST BOARD MEMBER OF THE UC SANTA BARBARA ECONOMIC FORECAST PROJECT John Petote, CEO of the Santa Barbara based IT firm, CIO Solutions, has recently been elected to join the Board of Directors of the UC Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project. Santa Barbara, CA, January 19, 2010 — John… Read more »

Microsoft Office 2010: Overview and Opinions

Office 2010 Overview and Opinions from the Team Microsoft has announced that Office 2010 will be released to their business partners and the general public in May and June respectively. Many of CIO’s engineers have already been testing the Beta version of Office 2010 and are currently using the released version. In this article a… Read more »