Supporting Santa Barbara Managed Services

Operations and team execution are the two key ingredients to support managed services. Any organization can hire a sales rep that can regurgitate the story of the week but how many of those sales reps have an organization behind them that can deliver on that story?

Introduction to NAS: Part 1

Introduction to NAS: Part 1 By: Peter Trinh This will be the first article within a series that will focus on NAS devices. This article will introduce NAS devices, describe what they are, and discuss their features.

How to get Emergency IT, Computer or Network Support in Santa Barbara

Do to the increasing reliance on IT, the need for support can happen at anytime, during business hours or non business hours.

ShoreTel Call Manager on Windows 7 XP Mode

Here are your Windows 7 XP Mode + Shoretel PCM instructions:

Christmas Quiz

Christmas TV and Movie Special Quiz

Christmas Quiz Answer Page

Christmas TV and Movie Special Quiz – ANSWER PAGE

Computer Support in Santa Barbara by IT Professionals

A question often asked by perspective customers is to verbalize CIO Solutions’ differentiators as an IT Support firm in Santa Barbara.

Local IT Support in Santa Barbara

Your Local lT Community? Santa Barbara – I love it here. Let’s face it – Santa Barbara is a small town by almost any standard, and that’s what makes it special, at least amongst countless other reasons such as its natural beauty, relaxed culture, delicious farmers’ market produce and world-famous restaurants, so on and so… Read more »

IT Support Tips for Santa Barbara

The first job that I got in Santa Barbara was doing IT support at UCSB. Students could buy a network card for their computers for about $150 and I would help them get it connected to something new called “the internet.” A lot has changed.

Review of Microsoft Security Essentials

Review of Microsoft Security Essentials Near the end of September of 2009, Microsoft released its free anti-malware all-in-one software solution to the public.