Client Spotlight- Peoples’ Self-Help Housing

      Company Name Peoples’ Self-Help Housing Year Founded 1970 Industry Nonprofit, Housing What does your company do/what service does your company offer? We support low-income families, farmworkers, seniors, and veterans and provide welcoming environments for those living with disabilities and for the formerly homeless. Along with building and managing beautiful and accessible neighborhoods,… Read more »

Working from home? Don’t sacrifice your health or comfort

Working from home? Don’t sacrifice your health or comfort. By Russ Levanway, President A lot of us started working from home last March without any idea how long the situation would go on. Maybe we thought it was temporary; everything would be back to normal in a couple of months or so, right? That’s what… Read more »

Employee Spotlight- Kenny Emerson

NAME Kenneth Emerson JOB TITLE Remote Service Specialist LOCATION Santa Barbara Tell us a little about yourself! I am an avid home brewer, musician and car nut. Music has been a large part of my life since a young age. I currently play in 2 bands in Santa Barbara county covering Classic Rock. Brewing has… Read more »

Why COVID-Induced Work From Home is Open Season For Hackers

Why COVID-Induced Work From Home is Open Season For Hackers By Russ Levanway, President Working from home has become a new norm for many of us, and it looks like it will be for some time. Just last week, Google announced that it won’t require employees to return to the office until next summer, a… Read more »

SpamTitan Quarantine Tuning

SpamTitan Quarantine Tuning SpamTitan Quarantine filters can be tuned by individual users to help the engine work best for them.  Whitelists and Blacklists can be modified by the individual, while an Outlook plug-in and change of spam score threshold can be modified by CIO Solutions Support. To modify your individual Whitelists and Blacklists: Login to… Read more »

CIO Private Cloud- Multiple Monitors

Expanding your cloud session across multiple monitors: First, log into your cloud as you normally would ( When your cloud session has opened, locate the black Citrix toolbar and click to expand the menu. From this menu, select the “Window” option Your cloud window will shrink down so that it is no longer full-screen. Grab… Read more »

Citrix Receiver – Light Version to Full

Connecting to the CIO Private Cloud requires the use of a piece of software called the Citrix Workspace App (formerly Citrix Receiver). Occasionally, software updates will cause the software to default to the “light version”. The light version displays your cloud session entirely within a browser window. To return to the full-version display of the… Read more »

Company Cohesiveness in The Time of Coronavirus

Company Cohesiveness in The Time of Coronavirus By Russ Levanway, President My, how things have changed since I last wrote in. Our company weathered the sudden shelter-in-place mandate well, then adapted accordingly as businesses started reopening. The first few weeks were focused on getting everyone as productive as possible and plugged in as possible –… Read more »

Employee Spotlight- Michael Biancone

NAME Michael Biancone JOB TITLE Account Manager LOCATION Santa Barbara Tell us a little about yourself! Born and raised in Germany, schooled in England before moving to the States when I was 18. Enjoy cooking, gardening and tennis. My wife, Ingrid, and I started dating when we were 20 years old, and have been married… Read more »

Resetting Cloud Password

Resetting CIO Private Cloud Password Go to enter your login credentials to log on Once logged into the cloud locate the menu bar across the top of the window. Click to expand the menu. Click Ctrl+Alt+Del from the menu options Choose “Change a Password” Enter your current password & new password then click the… Read more »