CIO Solutions was honored by INC 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country 

SANTA BARBARA – October 12, 2012 – CIO Solutions was recently selected by the INC 5000 as one of the Fast Growing Companies in the United States. “The award symbolizes our commitment to customer service, our clients and the core values that CIO Solutions has had since its inception”, said John Petote, CEO of CIO Solutions.  

The growth corresponds to an increased willingness for companies to look to outsourcing the management of their IT Infrastructure as a plausible option. “We have been able to demonstrate time and time again that when companies outsource their IT they are able to reduce the total cost of ownership over the life of their IT assets as well as gain an increase in response and resolution times for their user populations”, says Eric Egolf, President of CIO Solutions.

The growth has also been related to a new form of IT Outsourcing call Private Cloud Computing. “Many of our traditional customers who were only comfortable with their applications running onsite on servers they own are now looking to solutions providers like us to move those same applications to a more secure and reliable Private Cloud Computing Infrastructure”, says David Ashamalla, Chief Technology Officer, “We have seen customers who like the concept of Public Cloud Computing but don’t want to change their applications or business processes migrate towards Private Cloud Solutions as it allows them the same level of productivity and flexibility they are use to, and gives them the added benefit of mobility. “

CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Tri-County Area since 1986. CIO specializes in helping businesses focus on their core business by designing and managing their IT department. In addition to managing IT networks, CIO also provides consultation on Private Cloud Services, Enterprise Storage, Virtualization, VoIP Phone Systems and other solutions. More information can be found at or by calling their office 805-692-6700.