March 12. 2012 – Santa Barbara – CIO was honored to present La Colina student, George Hutchinson, with the CIO Award for Excellence in Computer Engineering for his project titled “Soduku.exe” which also won Best in Fair (Junior High), Best in Division and a Gold Medal. Hutchinson used different heuristics to find out the fastest, most efficient way to solve Soduku puzzles.

Hutchinson tested four heuristics and a control: the Single-Possibility Rule (SPR), Apparent Twin Rule (ATR), the Sub-Group Exclusion Rule (SGXR), and Hidden Twin Rule (HTR). He used a Depth-First Search as his control and hypothesized that the HTR heuristic would be the most efficient. Two computers each processed 1000 randomly generated puzzles, cataloging times, and generating summary statistics. The heuristics ranked in a clear order by average time: SPR, ATR, control, SGXR, HTR. HTR was slowest due to its need for excessive looping, so he ended up having to reject his hypothesis.
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Here is the hardest puzzle George tested:

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