CIO Solutions’ President Russ Levanway Expands His “Reach” in San Luis Obispo

September 24, 2021, San Luis Obispo, Calif. – Fulfilling a personal mission, CIO Solutions’ President, Russ Levanway, is moving forward with a planned multi-month professional transition from his corporate job to the non-profit world in San Luis Obispo. CIO Solutions, where he has worked for the last four years following the company’s acquisition of TekTegrity, provides premier IT services and IT management solutions to a whole host of companies ranging from 10 to 500 employees in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Fresno Counties — the widest range of IT Management Solutions available for companies who want premier local support.

“When CIO Solutions acquired TekTegrity four years ago, and I remained as President after 12 years with the latter company while Eric Egolf continued his role of CEO, it was with the goal of successfully merging both teams to provide better service to our clients,” Mr. Levanway explained. “TekTegrity moved under the company mantle of ‘CIO Solutions’. Since then, we have successfully completed some major mutual milestones that were key to the success of the alliance between CIO & TekTegrity.  Biggest among those was a true integration of our companies – culturally, as well as merging our leadership teams, operations, and our joint way of doing things. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and feel that I have completed my combined 16-year mission with both companies. I’m ready to give back to the community in a new way and plan to slowly transition into a new role over several months starting in November – to work on the team of a local nonprofit that is focused on regional economic development. It’s a win-win all the way around.”

“CIO Solutions inherited a strong management team from Russ and TekTegrity,” Mr. Egolf said, “one that merged well with our own team. The group is now one cohesive wholea unified company of people who share a similar passion for IT Management, with a solid focus on community.  We are thrilled that we have reached a collective point where Russ can now continue the journey he has wanted for a long time — to use his talents in the non-profit world while letting the team he helped develop at CIO Solutions take the company to new heights.”

“We withstood a big test this last year through COVID,” Mr. Levanway added. “Covid had the potential to cause chaos within our organization, but instead we continued to thrive, because our culture was strong enough to weather it.  I’m really proud of what Eric and our entire crew have accomplished, and I feel great that I was able to play a big role in this growing company’s success.

With 85 employees and an eye toward more hiring, CIO Solutions currently has the widest range of IT Management Solutions available for companies who want top-of-the-line, 24/7 local support.

“CIO Solutions, with Eric Egolf’s leadership, has built a strong brand throughout San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Fresno Counties,” Mr. Levanway continued, “by fiercely focusing on customer service, with a simultaneous commitment to building a fun, vibrant office culture with growth opportunities for the team.  With this and certain other key milestones on a very good trajectory, I feel it is time to begin the process of a leadership transition and  hand off, over the next several months, the reins of my day-to-day responsibilities to other members of our CIO team who’ve earned the opportunity to grow their own careers.  I am looking forward to a new personal chapter of increased local involvement in San Luis Obispo.”

Mr. Levanway will slowly transition from CIO Solutions to a non-profit called REACH, a regional economic action coalition uniting public, private and civic leaders with a common vision and mission to increase economic prosperity and quality of life across the Central Coast of California. To learn more, visit or phone CIO Solutions-SLO at 1.888.662.9084.