Santa Barbara 2009 Semana Nautica Sponsors

CIO SOLUTIONS SPONSORS THE 2009 SEMANA NAUTICA SPORTS FESTIVAL IN SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA CIO Solutions, a Santa Barbara IT Company, becomes a Bronze sponsor of the Santa Barbara based summer sports festival. This year marks the 72nd year for Semana Nautica and is CIO's first year sponsoring the event. Santa Barbara, CA, July 21st, 2009... Read more »

Did you know: It’s a good idea to have multiple email addresses?

You should have an email address for work, one for personal and one for junk. Your work emails are the property of your employer. Mixing your personal emails in with your work emails makes managing your email account more difficult for your system administrator. What’s more, if needed, your employer could gain access to your... Read more »

Did you know: You can turn off your Reading Pane in Outlook

Some love it, but others find it annoying to have a preview of their message below or to the side of their email. What's more, it's unsafe to have email automatically open - theoretically a virus could self-run from there. Also, it marks your email as "unread" as you scroll through. To Remove: In outlook... Read more »

Did you know: Office 2007 has a different file format than Office 2003 and previous versions

Microsoft Word, for example, now saves to a .docx extension instead of .doc Unfortunately you cannot open Office 2007 files from Office 2003 or before. While you may be months away from considering the upgrade, your clients and friends may have already done so - you may not be able to open their Word or... Read more »

Did you know: Microsoft Excel has a lot of Shortcut keys!

These are just a few: Ctrl + 5 = Strikethrough text Ctrl + ; = Inserts Date Ctrl + : = Inserts Time Home = Goes to end of row Ctrl + End = Goes to end of worksheet Ctrl + Home = Goes to top of worksheet Ctrl + PageDown = Goes to next... Read more »

Did you know: You can snap a picture of your computer monitor

It’s called a screen capture and it’s a free feature in Windows. Whenever you want to take a picture of something happening on your monitor, just press the PrintScreeen button on your keyboard. This button is located on the right side of the keyboard near the Page-Up/Page-Down buttons above the arrow keys. After you have... Read more »

Did you know: You can get national and cultural holidays noted in your Outlook calendar?

Especially made for the office calendar administrator, you can have notes placed in your calendar for national and cultural holidays. No need to look up these days and mark them in the calendar yourself! For those already familiar with this feature, you may not have noticed that these calendar notes go through the end of... Read more »

Did you know: You can navigate the Internet Explorer 7 tabs?

Here are some quick hot-keys that you can use to quickly navigate around in IE7: Ctrl-T = Open a new tab Ctrl-Tab = Go to the next tab to the right Ctrl-Shift-Tab = Go to the next tab to the left Ctrl-Click = Open a link in a new tab Ctrl-E = Brings you to... Read more »

Did you know: Spam can get through to your email even if you have spam protection?

Recently there has been a huge increase in the amount of spam, or unwanted email advertisements, going to spam protection. Even the best spam protection cannot block 100% of these. You may receive a handful of these each day, sometimes they seem like they’re written from yourself or a coworker! It’s best to delete these,... Read more »

Did you know: Summer’s coming – and the temperature can kill your hard drive

With higher temperatures, your computer has to work harder than ever to operate normally. To help your computer, make sure that its fans and vents are clear of dust bunnies and debris. It may be necessary to open your computer to vacuum or air-blow it out, especially if you have a pet or your computer... Read more »