Suzy da Silva





Year Founded:




What does your company do/What service does your company offer?

Media Placement and Marketing

What is your company’s mission?

To be an extension of your marketing department

What you like best about working with CIO as your IT Provider:

24/7 access to IT support and management

Best lunch spot in your city:

SLO – Taste!

Who is your ideal client:

We love to become an extension to our clients teams.  We work together for a common goal.  We love analytics and helping provide true data to support our marketing and media efforts.

Favorite company activity:

Mimosa Fridays! We do have a massage chair and BBQ that get good workouts as well!

Anything else that is interesting about your business:

We are a certified woman owned business and our team supports many local organizations.  We give blood together regularly and support various local non-profits in the area.