Kaylen Steele


Firm Administrator

Company Name

Company Name
Ghitterman, Ghitterman, and Feld
Year Founded
What does your company do/what service does your company offer?
Our law firm is focused on serving injured and disabled people. We handle workers’ compensation, Social Security, Disability Retirement, personal injury, and employment cases.
What is the company’s mission?
Our mission is twofold. First and foremost, we strive to be relentless advocates for our clients and show them the highest level of compassion and professionalism. We want to improve our clients’ lives by doing everything in our power to get them the benefits and justice they deserve. Another part of our mission is creating a work environment where our employees feel supported and are able to work together. Creating a positive and integrated work environment only furthers our aim of advocating for our clients.
 What areas do you serve and what do you like best about doing business in those regions?

We serve the Central Coast and Central Valley, so from Ventura County up to SLO, and from Kern County up to Fresno County. Not only are these regions our homes, communities, and neighbors, but we specifically choose to open offices in regions where workers are most likely to need assistance. For example, in Visalia, there are few other workers’ compensation attorneys, so if one of the many workers in that area get injured, they may otherwise have to travel an hour to get help with their claim.

 Who is your business’s ideal client?
We help serve the injured and disabled. Since we have several specialists in workers’ compensation, we’re specially equipped to assist with what to do when someone was injured at work. We also specialize in obtaining other disability benefits including Social Security Disability, Disability Retirement, employment and labor issues, and general negligence claims.
What’s your favorite thing about the work that your company does?
Being able to make such a dramatic and tangible positive impact on a person’s and family’s situation who have been going through a very traumatic and challenging time. We’ve received thank you notes such as the one from a wife who said, “Thank you for giving our kids their dad back,” and other clients saying “I don’t know how I would have made this through without you.” It doesn’t get much more rewarding than that.
What’s your favorite company activity? (team building, annual event, etc).
Our team is one big family, albeit spread out across 6 different offices in 5 counties. Probably the most favorite is when we can get together in person once a quarter for “Strictly Socials” to spend time just having fun together: going to a soccer game, doing a wine and design class. Though the new favorite during COVID is probably our firm’s Tuesday night online Poker Games.
What do you like best about working with CIO Solutions as your IT provider?
The last 10 years I’ve worked in companies with only one or two IT staff. There were always more things to be done than could ever be done, so non-urgent requests just went on the list and got buried. Or even urgent requests would take a long time to troubleshoot since there was only one set of eyes, and one person’s experience level to figure it out. What I really appreciate about CIO is the 16 person depth of their tech team. Even if 15 of them are busy, there’s still someone available. Tickets get addressed quickly, issues get resolved, and the team follows-up to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks. Plus they’re friendly: a group of techs who don’t make users feel incompetent is quite rare indeed and very much appreciated.