Your name

Dave Peters

What is your position? 



Peters & Milam Insurance Services



Year Founded



Health, Dental, Vision, Life & Disability Insurance

What does your company do/What service does your company offer?

We primarily provide employee benefits programs to small and mid-sized business throughout California. We provide life, health and Medicare coverage for individuals as well.

What is your company’s mission?

Empowering people with knowledge, serving people with care. We really want to help businesses owners and employees understand the benefits arena and make good informed choices.

What you like best about working with CIO as your IT Provider?

The peace of mind! We have a lot of HIPPA compliant data and the security and safety the CIO Cloud provides is invaluable.

Best Lunch Spot in your city?

Natural Café – It’s across the parking lot from work, so convenience wins!

Who is your ideal client?

Any business that is committed to learning and committed to their employees

Favorite company activity

Every year after our busy season we take our team (and a guest) on a three day retreat. It’s great to enjoy the people we love to work with every day in a fun non-work environment

 Anything else that is interesting about your business?

We have a book club almost every month that everyone participates in. It’s been a great way to explore new ideas and build a shared experience.