Kerri Burns


Executive Director



Year Founded:



Non Profit Animal Welfare

What does your company do/What service does your company offer?

The Society serves the community with a shelter, animal adoption services, a spay/neuter and vaccination clinic, humane education center, boarding kennels, and emergency response services. See our website for more information.

What is your company’s mission?

The Santa Barbara Humane Society is dedicated to the welfare of animals and strives to provide a safe haven for homeless dogs and cats while we actively seek forever homes for them.

What you like best about working with CIO as your IT Provider:

Quick response time and friendly customer service.

Best lunch spot in your city:

Too new to answer this yet. Too many places to explore.

Who is your ideal client:

Anyone looking to adopt and animal or that needs animal related information

Favorite company activity:

Seeing happy pet owners

Anything else that is interesting about your business:

We are a local non profit. We do not receive nor are we affiliate with any national organizations.