Lucy Hamlin


Accounting Assistant

Company Name

University Club of Santa Barbara


(L to R: Natalie Douglas, Lucy Hamlin, Bob McPhillips, David Rosner, and John Harmon)



Year Founded



Social Clubs

What does your company do/What service does your company offer?

We are the Central Coast’s premier city club, offering business and social networking, private dining and events in the heart of beautiful downtown Santa Barbara.

What you like best about working with CIO as your IT Provider?

The timely and patient response and assistance with our IT solutions.

Best Lunch Spot in SB or SLO:

The University Club of Santa Barbara, of course!

Who is your ideal client?

A prospective member looking to broaden his/her social and business networking circle.

Favorite company activity?

Our Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt

Anything else that is interesting about your business?

We will be celebrating our centennial anniversary in June, 1919; here’s to another 100 years!