The Cornerstone principles of PRP Companies include quality, sustainability, as shown through their Green Award, and trustworthiness, as indicated by their HIPPA compliance. They pride themselves on being active and generous in our community, having donated a great deal of printing services to non-profit organizations in San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara Counties.

PRP Companies has delivered value to our local area for over 60 years! Todd Ventura and his outstanding staff strive to bring the highest quality of printing products through their attention to detail, consistency, and connecting you to the product in a personal way.Todd released PRP Companies Buy Local Blog in August on the idea of how “local people assist other local people– and their businesses”. Through Todd’s experience with his auction career to help raise funds for local foundations such as Jack’s Helping Hand, Paso Robles Children’s Museum, and Boys and Girls Club, Todd has seen first hand how our communities can reach out and help those who are local. He’s seen many of the same faces over and over again. It goes to show how local people and businesses add value to others in our local area by supporting each other.