Right Signature with ShareFile

Cloud Optimization Tip 2

As we look to move many business functions from a dependency on the physical office to a WFH solution an obvious road block is document sharing and signatures, specifically with our customers, prospective customers, vendors and partners. Business processes based on faxing, scanning and wet signatures are inefficient and require both parties to scanners/printers in place in WFH environments.

In order to remove the physical dependency of scanners and printers we moved to Right Signature which is an add on the ShareFile. We could have used Docuscan which is the 1000 pound gorilla and a very full featured product but we liked the tight integration with ShareFile which was already in use for secure communication across email.

If  you are already using ShareFile then it is as simple as turning on a license and a little training. If you are not using ShareFile then we can help with that too.

For more information please reach out to your vCIO.