Michael Gunther


President/Senior Consultant

Company Name

Company Name
Collaboration Business Consulting
Year Founded
1995, moved from Atlanta, GA to the Central Coast 17 years ago
Business Consulting
What does your company do/what service does your company offer?
Exceptional business consultants offer more than advice to their clients. At Collaboration Business Consulting, our approach is to become trusted partners for our clients as we help them build the business of their dreams. Our goal is to build sustainably profitable businesses at any stage of the business lifecycle through our valuable experience in sales, executive coaching, finance, communications, and team building. When our clients instill the best practices from our proprietary Scalable Growth Model™, we have seen them find stability, sustainability, and enhanced leadership that allows them to grow with confidence.
What is the company’s mission?
To inspire, educate and empower proactive leaders to achieve breakthrough performance.
 What areas do you serve and what do you like best about doing business in those regions?

We are the leaders in business consulting services in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast for the past 17 years. When I first opened Collaboration in San Luis Obispo, I knew something special was about to happen. I was already an experienced entrepreneur by this point, and I realized I had something valuable to share with other business owners in the community. I also recognized that SLO is an exceptional place that welcomes collaborative ideas and works hard to reach out a hand to bring others up. Those are some of the main reasons why I wanted to make sure my company’s roots were firmly planted in SLO soil.

It’s amazing to see how much the SLO business community has evolved and expanded, and it’s evident that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. The business landscape became more sophisticated with the addition of technology and manufacturing companies, while the existing hospitality and wineries grew and flourished. Businesses, both old and new, have maintained a sustainable commitment to the Central Coast lifestyle and community unity that makes SLO such a special place.

 Who is your business’s ideal client?
Our clients are CEOs, company executives, leaders, and influencers in a variety of industries, including technology, professional services, specialty manufacturing, construction, and software development. We help companies identify and address their challenges in infrastructure, leadership, and business growth by analyzing the issues and developing solid strategies to overcome them. Then, we work alongside them to implement the changes to achieve solid results. Over and over again, we see clients in any industry and size who are facing similar issues in the areas of inconsistent sales, up & down cash flow, struggling team performance, challenging internal communication, chaos management vs. structured management, lack of direction, and the right infrastructure to support their growth. We seek to drive our clients to find new and innovative ways to become the profitable, sustainable, scalable companies that they deserve to be.
What’s your favorite thing about the work that your company does?
We are honored to be invited into C-suites and mom-and-pop offices. It’s a scary thing to open up yourself and your business to an “outside” consultant. We take great joy in becoming trusted advisors to our clients and watching them exceed their beginning expectations. As our clients learned these valuable skills, so too did we. Our organization is made up of forward-thinking, experienced consultants, creative marketers, and leaders who strive to build profitable and sustainable businesses to boost our community and those around us.
What’s your favorite company activity? (team building, annual event, etc).
Our team is comprised of relentless learners who value building relationships, exploring our creativity, and aligning our actions to achieve measurable results. We support one another through our own growth, which in turn strengthens our team. We always look forward to team happy hours, wine tastings, and really anything we can do to taste the flavors of SLO. We have built life-long relationships with one another, including our past employees. We truly feel like a family and we love bringing in new clients into our family as well.
What do you like best about working with CIO Solutions as your IT provider?
After to working with other IT Service Providers over the years, CIO Solutions stands above all others. Their approach to service is unparalleled and I know we can typically get things handled with one call. I used to have team members complain constantly with other service providers, but with CIO Solutions I never hear complaints — only positives. It is so easy for me to recommend their services to anyone.
Anything else you’d like to add about your business?
It has been a true pleasure to watch the SLO business community evolve, grow, and strengthen since we opened our doors here. Collaboration helped start-ups develop processes and build infrastructure to encourage growth. We coached established leaders to push themselves professionally to ensure they are the best leaders they can be. We assisted teams to build communication skills and create a positive company culture to attract and retain top talent. And, we inspired thousands of people in SLO (and beyond) to never stop reaching for the top.