Explore a career at CIO Solutions

How do we provide our clients with expert IT solutions supported by knock-it-out-of-the-park customer service?

We invest heavily in the strength of our team through education, advancement, and a vibrant company culture centered on common core values.

Our team is centered around an innate focus on our core values and an “I’ve got this” mentality.

With this as our foundation, our teams are then designed with a focus on supporting one another, encouraging creativity, and providing relatability with clients.

Why we do it: Our Mission
Productivity, enhanced.
Lives, enriched.


These are our guiding principles that shape who we are and where we are going. 

exercise resourceful TENACITY

We relentlessly (yet reasonably) use our combined knowledge and persistent determination to solve any problem

strive for a QUAD WIN

We work for a collective win for the client, company, team, and individual


We have a culture that fosters healthy relationships and a team-oriented, collaborative mindset

always INVEST, never SPEND

We make investment decisions- whether time, energy, or money- guided by deliberate purpose

inspire TRUST

We are honest, ethical, and transparent in our relationships

embrace GROWTH

We consciously pursue growth and developments in ourselves, our services, and our organization

ENHANCE everything, EMPOWER everyone

We encourage fresh perspectives for continuous improvement, and support implementation of proven ideas


We inspire confidence through anticipating needs, taking ownership, and being accountable for the impact we have on others


We love great candidates with technical chops, but we know there is more to a great fit than that.

Do you truly enjoy putting a smile on a client’s face?

Wishing a co-worker happy birthday with a jar of homemade salsa?

Staring down challenges like a lion on the Savannah?

If the answer is, ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘yes’! then we would like to hear from you!