Andrew West, CTO of CIO Solutions, will be teaching a class at a Technology Expo that Santa Barbara based company Jensen Audio Visual is hosting.

Santa Barbara, CA – March 8, 2010 – Andrew West, Chief Technology Officer of CIO Solutions, a Santa Barbara based IT management and consulting firm, has been asked to teach a class at an event Jensen Audio Visual is hosting on March 10, 2010. The class will be focused on how to design an IT network with audio and visual components in mind. Mr. West brings over 15 years of experience to the lecture and is very familiar with audio and visual design and implementation.

CIO partners with Jensen Audio Visual and was honored to be invited to their 2nd Annual Hot Technology with Cool Cocktails Expo. This expo is designed for interested parties to come and experience a wide range of technology offerings. Technology courses are also available for attendees and include topics such as HD Video Signals, Fundamentals of CCTV and Surveillance, Control Systems and much more. This expo is a forum for Jensen Audio Visual and their partners to showcase cutting-edge technologies and demonstrate new offerings to potential clients. More information regarding Jensen Audio Visual can be found at their website www.jensenav.com.

Mr. West has been with CIO Solutions since 1997. He became an owner in 2001 and was promoted from Engineer to CTO in order to steer CIO Solutions and its clients toward sensible and enduring technology investments and decisions. His years working as an Engineering Consultant at many different environments including banks, hospitals, and other financial organizations has provided him a solid understanding of the unique technical and security challenges that his clients face in launching, growing, and running their businesses.

Founded in 1986 by John Petote, CIO Solutions is a provider of Information Technology and Unified Communications solutions to organizations located primarily in the San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. CIO’s core areas of expertise include Microsoft-based systems, Citrix, Enterprise Storage, Unified Communications, and Managed Services. CIO Solutions helps their clients with everything from their workstations, phones, and servers to connectivity, security, and consulting. Visit their website to learn more about CIO, www.ciosolutions.com.

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