You should have an email address for work, one for personal and one for junk.
Your work emails are the property of your employer. Mixing your personal emails in with your work emails makes managing your email account more difficult for your system administrator. What’s more, if needed, your employer could gain access to your work email account and unintentionally discover personal information that you would rather no one know about. It’s a good idea to get a separate personal account; for example offers a free and easy personal email account.
Another good idea is to establish a third, junk email account. You can use this account to sign up for special offers or when you sign up for a new service that requires a one-time verification of your email. Typically this account will fill up with junk mail and spam, but because you only check it when you’re expecting something, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it out.

by Mike Shinn
Remote Engineer