Looking for a managed service provider in Fresno can be a daunting task. First, you need to know what questions to ask. Then you have to do your research to see which companies can give you the right answers to those questions.

Many managed service providers are still approaching business IT with a break/fix model. Often, this is offered as a “managed IT solution”. The intent is good, but the method is not the most effective as that model is more geared to firefighting. Something breaks, they fix it- managing your IT by reacting to it.

A qualified Managed Service Provider should have clear answers to these questions and more. They should give you a precise picture of how they serve their customers. You should be confident that they are capable of handling your business’ needs.

Some questions you should be asking:

  • Who is the best Managed Service Provider in my area?
  • Are they a mature, experienced company?
  • Do they focus on simple break/fix issues, or do they have robust operations capable of handling your business?
  • What should you expect when transitioning to their services? Will that transition be disruptive to your business?

One way to ensure that a managed service provider has mature operations is to understand the roles and responsibilities of the employees that will be providing the service. By ensuring there is bench strength across many functions you are increasing your changes of picking the right provider for you.If you are interested in finding a Managed Service Provider with a local presence in Fresno and the sophistication to modernize your IT then give us a call.

CIO Solutions’ Approach

We work with you to address these questions with more than just words. We take you through our processes to answer all these questions and more for our prospective Fresno clients and and illustrate how we will be successful together.

Local & Responsive Team

CIO Solutions is a managed service provider serving businesses in 3 regions. The concern with working with a multi-regional company is often: will you have enough resources and focus in this region to properly support my business? The answer is: Yes! With over 40 of our clients located in the Central Valley and 20 employees in our Fresno office, we are well suited to handle local needs.

Our Operations

As we answer your questions about how our companies can succeed together, we take the time to explain our service delivery methods. We want prospective customers to understand our operations; how customer inquires flow through the system, how we ensure that someone is always available to support your business, and how we utilize our army of qualified IT professionals with varying specialties to augment any situation that may occur.