Working for CIO for

2 years




About Debi:

Where did you grow up?

South San Jose Hills, Los Angeles

Which location do you work at?

Santa Barbara

When did you move to this location

Lived in SB for the past 20 years

What do you like best about this location

Good restaurants, proximity to fun stuff on state street and small town feel

What you like best about working at CIO Solutions?

Co-Workers are friendly and genuinely care about the customers. The management will let you move your skills forward as much as you are willing to put in the work for.

Family info:

Happily married for 18 years with 3 doggies that are the children


To make a difference

What would you do if you won the lottery

Give most to charities that are meaningful to me, travel – air and RV

Favorite color


Favorite food

Cheese, everything is better with cheese on it

Favorite book/movie/TV-show

The fountainhead / Life is beautiful / This is Us


The abuse of power comes as no surprise

Anything else that is interesting about yourself

I am in my fourth year of Rabbinic School and spend a crazy amount of time on Ancestry.com