THU- March 28

WEBINAR: Exploring Microsoft Copilot


Microsoft recently marked a significant step in its AI strategy by announcing that they were releasing Copilot licenses for M365 to the public. In this webinar, we share our experience and demo some of the functions of this powerful tool. Along with this exploration, we share some of our findings so far and things to keep in mind for your business as it pertains to Copilot licensing and access within the M365 ecosystem.

If you don’t know much about Copilot or AI in general, this webinar is a perfect entry point to see firsthand how this technology is being implemented into the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

THU- March 14

WEBINAR: The Next Wave of Cloud Solutions

In this webinar, we explore two emerging cloud paths forward: VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)- a cloud desktop model recently made available within the managed services space, and what we’re calling “Modern Office”- a serverless model that relies primarily on SaaS cloud applications.
We explain these two additional cloud models at a high level, and how they differ from the current CIO Private Cloud paradigm.
Join us as we explore the pros and cons of each of these emerging solutions, cases where each might be a good fit, and what factors may drive a business to consider one of the two next generation alternatives.


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