Eva Rebollar

By April Cole Worley

“It’s a funny story,” Eva says when asked about how she got into IT. “I was drawn into it, really.”

Eva had been working at Verizon for six years when she met Jarrett, the Service Delivery Supervisor for TekTegrity’s SLO headquarters. They started chatting. “Jarrett was a Verizon client,” she says. “So we got to talking and I asked him where he worked. He told me that he worked at TekTegrity. But there was something in the way he said it…with so much pride! It really stuck with me.”

When Eva went home that night, she kept thinking about that interaction. On the one hand, her job at Verizon had taught her a lot. It had also brought into focus her dual passions for technology and helping people, and even ultimately supported her ambitious cross-country transfer from Chicago to California. (She had been anxious to swap harsh winters for coastal breezes, so she Googled ‘best cities in California’ and cross-referenced the results with Verizon openings.)

But, on the other hand, Eva was getting bored at Verizon. “I had gotten really good at my job, and was promoted to manager, but I wasn’t growing.” So, combine a nagging feeling of stagnation with a compelling conversation with a supervisor at an IT company and her interest was piqued.

“And then,” Eva says with wide eyes, “the day after that interaction with Jarrett at the Verizon store, I was driving on the highway and I looked over and saw a TekTegrity car! ‘Oh I gotta look this up’ I said to myself.” And she did and she found that there was a job opening.

Eva got an interview, which led to a job offer and that sense of pride she was looking for. “I love it here,” she says grinning ear to ear. “At TekTegrity, you never have the same day twice. And I love working with clients and making them happy after they have been so frustrated.”

“I was drawn here,” she says. “And I fit in just perfectly.”

//April studied Political Science at Cal Poly and earned a Master’s Degree with distinction while her young son mastered hula-hooping and surrealist crayon design at the Children’s Center on campus. With a professional background in analysis, reporting, and project management paired with a serious creative streak, April comes to TekTegrity with her eye on the prize: Communicating to the world how TekTegrity’s expertise paired with its people-centric mission provides real value to its clients. You may find April running in the early morning, drinking local Cabs, obsessively reading (shhh!), blogging or poorly throwing a Frisbee toward her son at the beach.