IT Consulting for your Fresno business 

Businesses rely on their IT to function effectively. Fresno IT Consulting, unfortunately, can be a mixed bag. You can easily find experts who will give you their opinion. However, to optimize your IT so that it really benefits your business, you need more than just a road-map.

You need reliable implementation, consistent maintenance, and effective support. Because of this, when it comes to IT Consulting you should be able to expect that the same entity who gave you advice can also implement and support their recommendations.

IT Consultant vs. Managed Service Provider

There are a few major differences between an IT Consultant and a Managed Service Provider and. Basic IT Consulting may appear to be the simpler of the two options. You work with a consultant a few times to figure out what you need to get advise and get your network up and running. However, with this simplicity comes risk and maintenance challenges.

A Managed Service Provider, on the other hand, works with you to develop a long-term IT plan. They then work with you to implement the plan. In addition, they support your daily IT needs and system maintenance.

In the managed service game, you’re getting it all- the plan, the execution, the support, and the assistance later on if that plan needs to evolve.

Risk associated when just using an IT Consultant

While it may seem simpler to just use an IT Consultant’s services as needed, there are some risks you as a business will assume.

The consultant may make a recommendation for your business. You may then decide to proceed with that plan of action. However, if your environment turns out to be “less stable” than the consultant initially anticipated, they can then charge you more to make accommodations. Your business is then forced to assume the financial risk of these changes.

Why use a Managed Service Provider? 

Alternatively, managed service providers offer what are referred to as “Managed Service Contracts”. Through these contracts, the service provider assumes the risk if the system requires more effort than initially anticipated. This is much more beneficial to the client compared to historical IT consulting models.

A modern business requires a high service level and reliable up-time

This means that they need to have access to a support team that can handle many different IT needs. Businesses need more than just a one-time IT Consultant. They need efficiency at every level: consultants to plan their IT, service technicians to implement the plans, and support resources for daily operations (including: handling end users, being available for on-sites, keeping the system up to date, and ensuring these systems remain secure.)

Luckily, CIO Solutions offers IT Consulting and IT Managed Services that work in conjunction with one another.

If you would like more information on our Fresno IT Consulting services, give us a call! We would love to explore how our services could benefit your business.