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CIO Solutions has been providing full-service IT management services to small to midsized businesses since 1986.

We are proud to help Fresno’s businesses work better and achieve more with daily support, ongoing technology management, and big-picture strategic guidance.

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Turn your technology into a true business asset with a complete system of IT management services. As the area’s leading IT services company, we offer you a full range of capabilities aimed at giving you enterprise-level resources with the personal touch of a local IT company. Whether you’re currently managing it all yourself, or already have an internal IT team, your business can benefit from the skilled resources Fresno’s expert IT service provider.

  • Full-Service IT Management — Gain an IT department with everything you need from daily support to long-term strategy.
  • Co-Managed IT — Let us fill in the gaps with services to expand the capabilities of your internal IT team

Support your staff. Manage your IT assets. Plan your investments. Mature your solutions.

Fresno IT Management Services

IT Consulting & Planning
Our experts help you define your strategy and develop a clear path forward.

End User & IT Support
We resolve your issues quickly so you can maintain your momentum.

IT Projects
Execute your key projects on time and with expert configuration.

IT Security
Secure your assets and prevent catastrophic data breaches.

Maintenance & Asset Management
Prevent issues with proactive maintenance and regular updates.

Cloud Services
Equip your team with flexible, secure access to your data.

Transform Your Relationship With IT

Get Time Back

  • Reduce downtime caused by lack of support and faulty equipment
  • Free up internal employees from managing IT requests

Reclaim Control

  • Simplify management of complex technology
  • Gain a clear understanding of your IT solutions

Simplify Planning & Budgeting

  • Make strategic IT investments aligned with business goals
  • Budget effectively with predictable agreement costs

Support Business Continuity

  • Enhance your security posture
  • Manage backups, asset monitoring, and applications

An Expert Local Provider

CIO Solutions is the largest provider of IT services in Fresno County, with the experience and resources to meet the IT requirements of the thriving industry and commerce of the Central Valley. We support the diverse IT needs of the city’s business community from our full-service office located in the heart of Fresno. With a proven track record of providing IT services to businesses across various industries and compliance requirements, our team is fully prepared to handle any IT needs your business may have. We work with industries including, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation

Experience the difference strategic, supported business technology can make. Reach out to talk about your options today.

First Call Resolution

We designed our support department to emphasize resolving your issue on the first call.

Why this matters

Downtime waiting for support is a productivity killer. Our goal is to get your people back to work as fast as the IT issue allows. If it’s a recurring issue, we pay attention to that and work to solve issues for good.

Specialized Teams

Our services are delivered by focused teams that are separated into reactive, planning, and implementation functions.

Why this matters

While our team members could be “jacks of all trades”, this results in split focus and subpar service delivery. Separating our technical resources into skilled teams ensures you’re working with true experts in their focus areas.

Scalable IT Solutions

We offer a wide range of flexible and scalable industry-leading solutions that businesses can grow with.

Why this matters

Offering a range of flexible solutions means that we can meet businesses where they are AND give them options to mature into. As technology is ever-changing, we stay ahead of the curve with ongoing R&D and innovation.

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Supporting Central Valley Businesses


30+ years specializing in IT management


300+ clients ranging from 10-500 employees


SOC 2 Type II certified – independent audits


98% support satisfaction rate

(559) 256-2122

5070 N 6th St #175
Fresno, CA 93710

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