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The faster your IT issues are resolved, the better for your bottom line. CIO Solutions provides support designed to resolve your issues ASAP —on the first call.

As a full-service IT support company in Fresno, CIO Solutions can monitor, manage, and resolve issues whenever they come up.

Our team of personable, professional technicians has the skills and knowledge necessary to address your IT concerns and help your team get back on track.


For IT support to be effective, two components are critical: outstanding customer experience and first contact resolution.

That’s why we handle every support request with the same level of care and concern; it’s our goal to deliver business IT support services that exceed your expectations.

We designed our support system to ensure: 

  • Rapid response time when you contact support
  • Fast troubleshooting & issue resolution
  • Dedicated technicians who know your unique environment
  • Strategically organized support requests and documentation
  • Recurring issue identification and resolution
  • Enhanced productivity with effective IT support in Fresno


We support businesses across industries including aerospace, banking, education, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, and more. Our services aim to enhance network reliability and control, enable end-to-end monitoring and data protection, streamline systems access, provide operational insights, and bolster security. 

No matter your industry, our IT support services are here to help.


CIO Solutions offers a wide range of services in Fresno including full-service IT management, private cloud, and cyber security services.

Full-Service IT Management

With full-service IT management, our teams handle everything. From planning to implementation to maintenance and support, we’re here to help your business succeed.

Private Cloud

Our private cloud services offer secure and flexible access to critical business resources. Data is stored in our offsite, secure data center, allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere —without the hassle of managing and maintaining your own servers.

Cyber Security Services

Protect what matters to your organization with advanced cyber security services. From early threat detection to identification and remediation, CIO Solutions can help reduce your IT risk.

Why Reliable and Effective IT Support Matters

Great IT support isn’t just about solving problems. It’s about finding answers and implementing solutions as quickly as possible to help your teams stay productive.

Top view of businessman working at wooden desk in office

Consider a request sent to a support team of one or two techs. Depending on the number and severity of IT requests they have to work through, end-users could wait days (or weeks) for a resolution. With CIO Solutions, your staff have a direct line to answers and action.

The result is more than just reduced downtime. It’s having more resources available, more often, to keep your team working toward your business goals.


Dedicated IT management drives enhanced productivity, reduces frustrations, and improves resource use.

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