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The CIO Private Cloud

Data is one of your most critical business assets.

The CIO Private Cloud provides seamless and secure access to your data anytime, anywhere. Private cloud offers the best of both worlds — businesses get the consistency of dedicated, managed servers combined with the flexibility of cloud access.

When it comes to operations, this means no more maintaining and updating on-premises servers yourself! In terms of cost, private cloud solutions in Fresno help companies stay on budget; you pay for what you need, without the unexpected maintenance costs. Our IT security services, meanwhile, give businesses the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is never left vulnerable.

The CIO Private Cloud isn’t just a product — it’s a holistic business IT solution.

For companies in Fresno, finding a balance between IT cost and performance is challenging. While on-premises servers provide the feeling of security and control, they come with ongoing maintenance hassles and regular upgrade expenses.

Our private cloud services offer an alternative — one that’s customizable to meet evolving business needs. The CIO Private Cloud is managed and supported by teams of expert technicians and specialized engineers. This means you don’t just get the technology, but you also get the experience and expertise needed to adopt and adapt cloud technologies to suit business needs.

Business Benefits of the CIO Private Cloud

It Changes the IT Game

Our secure cloud services ensure your day-to-day operations run smoothly. With the critical needs of security checks, software updates, back-ups and performance monitoring met, companies can shift their focus to strategic objectives that drive business success.

Consistency & Flexibility

  • Consistent experience across devices
  • Enhance existing workflows
  • Eliminate adjustment time to set up a new device
  • Consistent access to files and applications
  • Use any device (Apple, Google Microsoft, Android, Linux endpoints)
  • No need for a VPN client, just Internet access

Security & Control

  • Control security standards across all devices
  • Easily update applications across all devices
  • Seamlessly apply new security features and applications to all users
  • Access corporate applications on personal devices without compromising security

Business Operation

  • Requires less capital and equipment
  • Increase collaboration and availability of tools
  • Automated updates and operational consistency
  • Extend the life of PCs
  • Eliminate in-house server maintenance and refreshes
  • Add/remove users easily

Industries Served

No matter your industry or vertical, CIO Solutions can help design a private cloud environment that meets your business needs. We’ve helped companies across industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation

And many more.

How does it work?

Cloud desktops are a combination of your server and your desktop.

Your virtual desktop and server are stored in one secure, off-site location, not in the office or on your physical device.


Pick up where you left off 

Logging in. As easy as 1-2-3

    1. From any device go to
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Resume work on your corporate desktop- just as you left it

The CIO Private Cloud vs. Traditional In-House Server Models

In traditional server models, physical servers are kept on-site and maintained by IT teams. Company data is stored on these servers and accessed using a physical workstation on a shared local network.

With the CIO Private Cloud:

Your servers and data are stored in a secure off-site location, not in the office or on your physical devices.

In the Private Cloud, servers are stored off-site at our secure datacenter, meaning secure cloud storage comes standard. Gone are the headaches and costs of managing servers in-house.

Users can access their Cloud Desktops anytime, anywhere, on any device.

When users log into their CIO Private Cloud Desktop, their settings and apps stay the same regardless of their device or location. Work is no longer restricted to a physical location or dependent on a specific machine. This way, your team can enjoy a consistent, flexible experience — and you can ensure your data is secure.

Untether your productivity.

Take your operations to the next level with the consistency, scalability, and ease offered by the CIO Private Cloud.

Where Does Private Cloud Fit?

Wherever your business is in your technology stack evolution, our experts can help you determine the best solutions and evaluate where the CIO Private Cloud can fit.

Contact our team today to see how the CIO Private Cloud can enhance your IT operations.

Ready to make IT management easier? CIO Solutions has you covered. As a full-service private cloud provider, we offer customizable options, seamless setup and ongoing support to answer your questions with expert advice.

Let’s get started.

The CIO Private Cloud desktop takes your IT modernization to the next level.

Why? Because it’s more than just a server stopgap or a new application.

It is a shift in infrastructure that provides your business with FLEXIBILITY, SCALABILITY, and SECURITY at a foundational level.

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