Full-Service Managed IT

Everything your businesses needs to make your technology work for you.

Our friendly, accessible team of IT experts is your go-to for all things IT; guidance on IT solutions, getting a new workstation set up, keeping your systems up-to-date, proactive monitoring, security processes, and more.

We aren’t just there when you need us and gone until the next time something breaks. We’re the team you rely on for 360-degree IT management and daily support.

We are more than just your IT provider, we are your partner, enhancing your business’s productivity with full-service managed IT solutions.


Experiencing any of these challenges?

– Internal company resources overwhelmed with IT

– Unclear IT plans

– Inconsistent IT documentation

– Downtime while waiting for support

– Recurring issues even after receiving support

– Outgrown current IT provider

– Incomplete projects

– IT person leaving/left/no back up if they do leave

What is Full-Service Managed IT?

We take the guesswork out of IT and fill all the gaps.

CIO Solutions Full-Service Managed IT is just that; full service. We help your business with everything from strategy, to implementation, to daily support. We become your IT department.

Rather than distracting valuable internal staff with daily IT management or entrusting a novice with your company’s IT security and planning, your business can have access to an entire team of experts.


Consider Full-Service Managed IT

Often, small to medium-sized businesses will start off by trying to manage their IT with some common methods:

Internal IT Administrator (“Slash”)

Many small to medium-sized companies start off with a limited IT budget and few employees. Often, the IT management solution, in this case, will be to designate an internal resource with some technical know-how as the go-to “IT person”.

While this may work for a while and appear to be a cost-effective option, there are some significant drawbacks as the company grows:

  • Most often not a good use of that person’s time
  • They could be doing more productive things for your business
  • Not well-versed with new technologies
  • Slow to resolve problems and doesn’t always address the root issue
  • Divided focus makes big-picture planning challenging and inconsistent
  • Documentation is typically limited (if they leave, you’re without a full picture of your IT)

Individual Consultant 

Another option many small to medium-sized businesses might employ is to contract an individual IT consultant. Often, support requests are funneled through a company employee like an office manager (usually for billing and tracking purposes).

While a consultant is often sufficiently qualified and may know your network intimately, your IT solutions are limited by only having this one resource:

  • No team to rely on for experience and specialization (learning on the job)
  • Needs to juggle multiple clients and tasks –your business may not be the consultant’s top priority
  • Often neglects important, proactive areas of IT
  • No coverage when away on vacation or sick
  • Documentation is limited
  • Your internal resource is spending valuable time tracking IT requests

Business Benefits of Full-Service Managed IT

At first, it may seem that the cost of using an internal IT administrator or an independent consultant is cost-effective. However, as your business evolves, the shortcomings of those solutions outweigh the perceived cost benefit.

Challenges due to incomplete IT solutions & management: 

    1. Productivity lost due to downtime while waiting for support
    2. Internal resources managing IT and not their actual job duties
    3. Recurring issues
    4. Unanticipated IT costs
    5. Incohesive, missing, or unnecessarily redundant solutions
    6. Costly security breaches due to lack of proactive planning and monitoring

Benefits of Managed IT

By investing in a holistic and comprehensive system of full-service IT management, your business can not only increase daily productivity but also benefit long-term from a strong IT foundation.

With expert planning, skilled implementation, and ongoing management, your IT solutions can grow and evolve seamlessly with your business.

CIO Solutions Managed IT Services

IT Consulting and Strategy

A well-planned IT strategy is the key to turning a bunch of hardware into a powerful business asset.

We believe that strategic IT solutions have the power to transform your business productivity and enable your growth.

That starts with planning. An effective plan requires expert knowledge of technology solutions combined with a complete understanding of your business and goals >>


An IT plan is only as good as its execution and ongoing maintenance.

Whether implementing large-scale projects, performing an infrastructure migration, or optimizing your current environment, our dedicated team of project engineers and onboarding specialists make those plans a reality >>


Technology, we all know, is not always smooth and simple. Sometimes, you need a little help.

With CIO Solutions full-service managed IT, end users have access to our skilled support technicians whenever they need help!

These friendly technicians make up a deliberate support structure that is designed to solve issues quickly, provide effective daily maintenance, and get you back to work >>

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