Recommendations- Tech Refreshes & Holiday Upgrades

Why would CIO Solutions, a managed service provider for business, be giving suggestions for personal technology devices?
WFH has put consumer devices into corporate environments. Although we would love for all WFH environments to have business class devices we recognize that this isn’t always possible. Accordingly, we can help shape your purchases to ensure better security and functionality, and at the very least, help you think through your purchase before you buy that Costco special.
While this is a good guideline, these solutions are simply recommendations to consider and are NOT one size fits all. 

Working from home can be as productive as working from the office in many circumstances. Having the right equipment can make the difference between a great and poor experience.

As we head into the holiday shopping season, a lot of us may be considering taking advantage of big sales and upgrading personal technology devices. Our experts have some suggestions for making sure that you find the most compatible and long-lasting product the first time around!

Hardware/Software Recommendations 

Reputable Business Brands:

    • Dell
    • HP
    • Lenovo
    • Microsoft
    • Apple​

Less than 5 Years old


Internet Service/Networking

Minimum Options

      • DSL  – Reliable, Copper, Slow but Dedicated (10/2)​
      • WISP – May be the only option for Rural ​
      • Verizon Wireless – Home Router​
      • Satellite is not recommended

Ideal Options

      • Cable – Reliable-ish, Copper, Fast but Shared (100+/7+) (Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity)​
      • Fiber – Very Reliable, Very Fast, Usually Dedicated (100+) (FIOS)​

Speed Considerations

      • Netflix in standard HD 5mbps / per device​
      • Netflix in 4k 25mbps / per device​
      • Zoom/ teams / Google Meet / facetime  4/2 per stream​
      • Standard game on PS4 takes over an hour at 100mbps​
      • Average game on ps5 / xbox x ~2.5 hours


    • Buy your own modem if possible (Motorola Surfboard)​
        • No monthly expense for rental​
        • Better Hardware​
        • No free Wifi for your Neighbors​
    • Locate your Modem / Router in the Center of you home, or in a space where many demanding devices live​
    • Connect nearby devices using Wired connections. 
        • A Switch can be added to expand the number of ports (Cisco SG110 series)​
    • Use a MESH wifi solution for larger houses (or complex construction)​
        • Google Nest (2nd gen)​
        • EERO 6​
        • Ubiquiti Amplifi HD​
        • ASUS ZenWiFi 6​